Friday, October 26, 2007

Thats What I'm Talking About.....

Hello Hello;
I'm finally here are u??? Soon to be Hallows Eve
can i say oops i forgot about my space here as i was enjoying life.Well i got NEWS!!!

Outsider has a new home and we are in the process of moving in yahoo!! I gotta tell ya its an exciting thing. We're gonna be in the hub of it all.For you vancouverites Outsider will be located at the corner of Main and Broadway in the old Lee building,we will be located on the second floor in office space i have one office and a friend has the the second space..Also there is a reception area,sitting area,kitchen and storage space..The total square footage is 633 sq feet but its soooooooo cute and cozy.

So in a nutshell that's what i have been doing is breathing some new life back into Outsider. Thank You to those people who contacted me privately to ask what is happening. There is more news to come which i hope to reveal soon. OUTSIDER LIVES!!! Stay Tuned More to come.....

Create On People, I'm glad to be back on board again.

In Artistic Solidarity;