Monday, January 29, 2007

Do What You Love....................

How Do;
I am back at Outsider Central refreshed from a brief trip away to Powell River and Gibsons the beautiful Sunshine Coast!!!
I know it does my psyche loves these get aways as it gives a fresh perspective.The pic on the right is from the ferry from Gibsons to Vancouver we were right in front and this pic was taken with the window rolled down.

Its been nine years since i was in Powell River and sure there have been small changes,time slows down when u leave the city and head to these smaller areas.

Kingfisher Used Books is the new residence for an Outsider Art Vending Machine,Peter & Sharon Deane owners and operators of this funky readers dream space are old friends that i hadn't seen in 20 yrs,Outsider bought us back together Sharon saw or should i say heard my interview on Breakfast TV summer 2006 and contacted me through the programme.

I remember Sharon and Peters passion and love affair then with books,their home was a walk in library and Sharon always dreamed of having a bookstore and i tell ya this is a strong indication to follow your bliss people!!!

I was in love in this bookstore as i have a love of books myself and
here i was surrounded well needless to say this was my hang place while in Powell River and wanting to catch up on 20 years of our lives.The Art Vending Machines fits well into this eclectic space.

The above three pics are the new install and home of another Art Vending Machine.The above pic is an old pal of my partners, Sandy pictured with the art vending machine is a long time resident of Powell River. Above pic is Peter checking out the machine after install.
and below is a pic of my
old buddies as u can see we are all overjoyed at having our pic taken...NOT.

Also got a chance to step out in Powell River, Sharon took me out for lunch at this funky restaurant called Local Locos it amazes me to see the wide range of creative expression that shows itself in diverse ways this is a prime example. Below are two of the kewl works of art hanging about in Local Locos

Before Xmas i seriously was going to pack Outsider in as i wasn't sure if it was
going anywhere hence my downtime allowed me to evaluate this project and most certainly there have been lots of signs to allow me to go forward..Already Reese is a blessing and a young perspective.Thanx to Kathy Braun, Krystin Goodsell, Ann Blackwell,Leanne Bishop,Claudia Segovia ,Cindy Erksine,Heather and my partner Bev for their support.I thank also those that i forgot to name here....... Thank-You

Well i have rattled on quite enough.

Good Day To One And All

In Artistic Solidarity;

Thursday, January 25, 2007

guess what we've got now....

Hey everybody!
Reese here. Yep its my second day on the job and I am exhausted. But I will never turn down a chance to write so I am pushing through the exhaustion in hopes of something brilliant...

The box to the right asked for a vacation, so we decided to send it on an a trip to Powell River for a little while. She will be hanging out at the Kingfisher Books store, and has asked people to come and visit because she's new in town and is looking for a good time up there in the bush. ( Not in that way! Geez, you bloggers have dirty minds!)

So like I said I am very exhausted because I have been doing this all day ....cut... sort ... staple... cut... sort ... get the idea. That's right! Outsider Art in a Box is putting out its first zine! Our publication currently includes articles such as "The Twelve Steps of Altered Anything", (a must for all neurotic mixed-media artists.) as well as the "Why Cheap Art Manifesto" by Bread and Puppet Glover. ( Great article - weird names.) And, the piece de resistance - "Good things come in Small Packages", which conveys the story and spirit of our endeavour. And with that, I have but one last thing to say...

Eat your heart out Vanna White.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Where are they now????

Good Day!!
I thought i would post a pic of all the machines here as its been awhile since they all have been seen. The topic i thought was fitting as i am often asked where can i see the art vending machines?
Well now in 2007 i will be able to say over the next few months several places they can be seen.

Already its a total blessing having Reese on board as it will free me to follow up on many things that i wanted to do for Outsider.

A couple of things happening this week that i will keep all posted on is a revamped machine with a new look is coming aboard on Friday and finally we're off to Powell River this weekend to deliver and install the machine created by Krystin Goodsell,that would be the one with the crow on it.

The kewl Girly Glam Machine created by Nicci B will now be an event art vendor so for those that are having some kind of event that Outsider could park at let us know we'd be happy to be there.

As other things are confirmed i will post and update here,this week is especially busy so stay with me.

Have an awesome day!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello World!!!!

Hello World!
My name is Reese, how are you? As you may have already read, I am Rhonda's apprentice, and I am very excited about becoming a part of Outsider Art in a Box. Hopefully with me on
board it'll free her up a bit to work on her own creative exploits, and allow Outsider Art to grow.

I am an artist myself, but have yet to do anything with the stacks of poems and works that hide in my bedroom. I so admire Rhonda and all of you artists that are putting your creativity out into the world. You're amazing!

Anyway, I guess I'd better get to work!

Blessed Be,

Monday, January 15, 2007

Outsider enRoute on Air Canada

I tell ya Outsider sure does get around,yesterday i received a email from a friend offering up congrats and how proud she is of me so i went with it she said i saw Outsider Art In A Box referenced in Air Canadas online magazine this friend of mine travels quite a bit and is always up to reading as to whats going on.

Needless to say i got on the net to find the above monthly publication and lo and behold..ta da!!! I like that Outsider is being talked up as many can benefit. I also received email from an Arts Organiztion interested in hosting Outsider. Kewl eh

Instant Art(enRoute Magazine)

If Warhol was inspired by the soup can, then today’s avant-garde artists are inspired by in­stant noodles, creating bite-size doses of quick art for the masses. As Malcolm Gladwell writes in Blink, sometimes two seconds is enough.

Last summer, a drive-thru window at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver ex­hibited video art to motorists via an interactive touch screen, infusing a bit of culture into the commute. Don’t drive? L.A. artist Ruben Ochoa’s mobile gallery delivers culture to you in a van, while Toronto’s Vendart project brings art to the street with its regularly relocated hot pink art fridge.

American artist Clark Whittington pioneered the idea of using dispensers to disseminate art when he created the Art-o-mat in 1997. Taking his cue, the Distroboto project in Montreal uses a converted cigarette machine to sell objets d’art for a toonie, while mixed-media artist Rhonda Simmons of Vancouver has refurbished feminine hygiene vending machines to dispense pocket-size priceless works for $4 a piece.

The other thing we love about quickie art: It takes the snobbery out of staring at a canvas for hours debating whether or not you like Yves Klein blue.

Stay Tuned into channel Outsider and its commercial free lol

In Artistic Solidarity;

Friday, January 12, 2007


A talisman or amulet is a small object intended to bring good luck and/or protection to its owner.

Good Morrow Creatives;
I will be brief as i am now in beginnings of flu! yuck

Yesterday when i was talking to a friend of mine from back east who is going through some challenging transitions,she asked if i would make her a tailsman..i jumped to it and loved putting this together along with my energy throughout this little piece. As i was creating the name tailsman didn't sit with me well for those who know me i love word play reworking an existing word into something that is more fitting in my humble opinion lol lol so i renamed tailsman to tailswomyn it has the same meaning except its more womin centered.

I have made and worn many a tailswomyn for many years,i find that when i am in transition whether it be moving to a new home ,health,love or creative outlet,i will fashion and energize with my intent a tailswomyn. Wearing or carrying your tailswomyn is a constant reminder of the next step on your journey.

The tailswomyn above is pinned on the card and can be easily removed and worn. each of the objects have meaning as well as an affirmation.

Goddess- call in empowerment and needed deity

Quartz Crystal- Protection,clears negative energy

Heart- Remain Open

Key- Open the doors of potential inside and Out

Affirmation: I trust the goddess is providing me with everything i need to fulfill my dreams

Its funny how something will present itself,Outisider takes alot of energy in doing paperwork which leaves little time to create my own contributions but its an issue that continues to rear its head these last two posts are two creative expressions i am very interested in pursuing.

T-art tea bags and the tailswomyn will be in my etsy shoppe in the near future.

For anyone who is interested in having a tailswomyn created for themselves or another please feel to contact me at

In Artistic Solidarity;

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Apprentice.............

Thanx for tuning into Outsider. I am not sure if any of u have watched The Apprentice with Donald Trump its funny what life serves up several months back i was typing about needing some help with the project i let it go and lo and behold i was approached by a young womin who has followed Outsider from the beginning and would love to come aboard and her words are "I would like to apprentice with you Rhonda and learn about Outsider Art In A Box".

Yahoo!!! i will have Reese introduce herself here shortly.

Above is an experiment with tea bags this one above is filled with lavendar..I call the tea bags T-art,i would like to have some ready for the boxes in the near future.

Ok its taken me a bit to get this posted this morning as lots going on here.

People its the New Year and i am always looking for new works.....Bring It On

May the creative force be with you..

In Artistic Solidarty;

Friday, January 05, 2007

Upcoming Events............

Good Snowy Morning from Outsider Headquarters live from Vancouver,BC
Its becoming already a full month for Art Vending. Above u will notice a logo well that logo is Vagina Monologues, A Friend of mine has the rights to put on the play in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver.Below is a call for artists and auditions for this event.Outsider will have 1-2 machines at this event.

Artists Wanted:

Rent a table at 2 or 3 benefit showings of

The Vagina Monologues; this is an opportunity for you to connect with anywhere from 300-600 patrons.

Networking Opportunity # 1:

· Rent a table at 2 benefit showings during our

· Be-Fore-Play event. This is an eclectic mix of art, music and appetizers. Pre-show from 6-7:30 PM $20 plus 10% of any items you sell.

· When? Sat Feb 3 at the Clarke Foundation Theatre, Mission and Saturday Feb 17 at Matsqui Centennial Auditorium-cost for both $40

Networking Opportunity #2:

· The Arty Farty party 6-7:30 Pm at the Wise Hall on Adanac Street in Vancouver-preshow event. Leave your table set up during the show, intermission and post show.

· $25 for the table includes a ticket to see The Vagina Monologues-no-host bar and free munchies.

· For another $25 you will get an ad in the program

· For another $50 you will get an ad in the March issue of The Rag and a thank-you for being a sponsor of the Vancouver benefit showing of The Vagina Monologues.

Call Gwynne to register at 604-859-2407 (fraser valley #) or email

Auditions for Vagina Monologues:

Auditions for The Vagina Monologues Sat Feb 10 from 9 AM-noon at Hastings Community Centre, 3096 East Hastings St, Vancouver. The benefit showing is March 3 at the Wise Hall on Adanac-rehearsals are on Feb 18, 24 and 25-you must be available for all of those dates.
This is a cold read. For an audition time call Gwynne 604-859-2407 (Abbotsford phone number) or email and I will respond the same day with a time for you Please include a phone number

Have a Great Day;

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Strolling on the Creative Path of 2007

Happy New Year!!!
Time does fly and here we are in another year...Yesterday between email and the phone the new year came in with a rush. I look at my calendar for this month alone and wow i am on a roll.

Taking time off allowed me to reflect,evaluate Outsider Art In A Box project.So back on the path again. Being a one womin studio has its ups and downs and this is something i seriously had to look at with this ongoing project. The time i spend on admin and processing art work is time consuming but necessary which leaves me less time for looking for host sites and promotion for the machines,before xmas i was approached with two new locations and over the next couple of weeks i will follow up and will keep all posted.

So on my creative goal list is creating promotional material above the first pic is the beginning of my vision stay tuned for promo development.

The next pic is my Create My Way Journal. Another useful tool i received this year for xmas is a laptop which will be helpful when i am travelling. Have u thought about how u are going to "Create Your Way" in 2007

Enjoy your day allow it to be everything and more

Creative Blessings

In Artistic Solidarity;