Friday, October 27, 2006

Create Your Way...................

Not sure where the time goes,i believe it has wings as it flys by me!!!
I am still tieing up loose ends from my time at the home show so please bear with me here as i have not been posting regularly.

Time is running out for you to enter the draw for a three month subscription to Outsider Art In ABox which is delivered to your snail mail address. the other prize is an Inspiration Kit by Caffeinated Crafts.

Above are several pics my fave is the first pic which came from India via friend,yep its a Ganesh isn't it the coolest...gotta love those ellie-phants!

Looks like another machine will be placed in the near future at a funky space called Rhizome Cafe
its a very welcoming,inviting space for all who enter the doors. Lisa & Vinetta the owners/operators are neat womyn and are well suited for this space.

There is always something going on for all ages,however just hanging out is strongly suggested. yummy food..

Check out Rhizome Cafe Online

Above is a couple of portable shrines i made for birthday presents..

Well time to move on...Keep Rocking in the Creative World!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Friday, October 20, 2006

A Big ARTitude

Merry Meet Creatives!!!
I am slowly coming back to the land of the living after last weekend at the home show plus the lovely flu decided to pay me a visit UGH!

This week has been about rest and relaxation and getting things in order here at Outsider Central...The post today A Big ARTitude is about this great mixed media zine that i wrote an article for about Outsider Art In A Box,i pick it up when i am at Ruby Dog's Art House on Main St.

I like that its quirky and certainly some unusal approaches to creative making and the name is very fitting. Suz the editor,publisher,owner/operator is also an artist. So i give a big time shout out for ARTitude!!!

Please check out the website and take the time to cruise around while there. Better yet put ARTitude on your gift list,in my humble opinion its worth it..

If your interested in reading the article let me know i'll send it on,copy and pasting doesn't seem to be working here for the old blogger,plus i am still fairly new at learning all the ins and outs.

Mary Jane i wanted to say to you and to the other artists Thank you so much for your creativity,all your pieces in the machines at the home show were well received..Lets put our hands together!! YAHOO!!

Jill organizer from home show took a pic of my set up above..

Don't ya just love the above pic Waste your life be an artist....why not dive right in and be you....

Hey Do u want to win some prizes...

3 month Subscription to Outsider Art In A Box(By Snail Mail)

Inspiration Kit


Want More Information check out October 3rd Post....

Have a great weekend all

Bright Blessings;

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Creative Process

Good Day All;
The last time i left off i was at the Interior Design and Home Show,All in all i am wiped this will be a shortie post...

Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machines was very well received and embraced,it was overwhelming being surrounded by lots of people.. The experience last week gave me insight,validation as to my creative direction..The legs above i created i took to house my guest book these are a commission piece,well this is what pulled the people towards us..People of all ages loved these funky legs,i had several offers of purchase lol lol..

The above pics are those of creative patrons using the machines and checking out their art surprise,Thanx to the Artists for their creations people were delighted with their art in a box surprises.. I encouraged those that used the machines to contact the creators to share their pleasure. The pic of greenery is wall mounted gardens that can go inside your space kewl eh!!!

Please don't forget to enter the Outsider Art In A Box contest..want to know more please scroll down a few posts to find out the details..

In Creative Solidarity;

Friday, October 13, 2006

Walking the Black Carpet....

Good Morning;
Just a quick type to share with you all day one at the home/lifestyle show...i called this post the black carpet,now i understand why..the red carpet shows way to much dirt lol lol

The show organizers did a great job on the wall for the vending machines i am very pleased, i not in the thick of everything which suits me fine as its busy there if u are there Outsider is near the main stage....

Some of the pics above are of Outsiders Space and yours truly..the little doggie tula a tea cup yorkie at this funky doggie boutique isn't she cute!!!! we own a yorkie boy.

The pics of the legs are a commission piece that i am using for my guest book,i was asked to use the pattern for a piece of clothing last night.

The two pics of the fancy box had a past life of a storage container its called the ATC (all terrian cabin)

The door reminds me of the movie Lord Of The Rings,couldn't resist...

Anyone that has been trying to get into my website its been down and my webwizard is working on it...Have an awesome day all..gotta run!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ease On Down The Home Show Road

Hi All;

My humble apologies for not posting more often,i have been preparing for the home show.Thanx so much for all the support and great art.. And for the extra hands the next days talking about Outsider at the home/lifestyle show.

The machines were installed was overwhelming as it was big time install for many 300 exhibitors to be exact..two years ago i went to the home show and must say i was rather bored with all the roofing etc...they have changed the focus and now call it a home/lifestyle show and its a whole lot different that i could tell with some of the beginning set ups yesterday.... I will be there for the next four days and will take many pics of kewl exhibits,there are several artists in attendance this year which is a bonus and a chance for networking...

Please don't forget to enter the draw for Outsider Art In A Box Subscription we got some kewl prizes please read the last two posts to stay up to date.

well still have lots of little things to do,Murphys Law is visiting me today so gotta go deal with it....

If your at BC Place October 12-15 stop in and say hi!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;


Friday, October 06, 2006

Knock Knock

Yahoo Peek-A-Boos!!!

A couple of weeks ago i sauntered down to the legion hall on commercial dr. for a craft faire and there i met Tannis from MWAHCREATIONS...

A little about this funky biz

As u will see their post card above u may not be able to read as its small so i have copied from their card about who they are and what they do.

Anything But Man-Made
two girls two countries one online shop of exclusive & seriously handmade goods

Babs,the founder of Mwah is located in London.she spends her spare time needle felting and making the cutest yet most disturbing things you didn't know you needed.

Tanis Alexis is located in Vancouver ,Canada. Tanis is an independant artist in paint,illustration,design and hand crafts.

Above are some of their wonderful expressions of creativity....Awesome stuff..


Knock Knock is anybody there???

I am checking to see if you are there drop me a comment to say how do

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More Peek-A-Boos to come......Stay tuned in

In Artistic Solidarity;

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Drum Roll Please!!!

Breaking News Story at Outsider Central

Outsider Art In A Box is expanding yep u heard correct!!! Outsider Art in a Box is now offering Art Vending through snail mail... A delightful surprise each month arrives in your snail mail ,there are four different supscriptions. For detailed information please go to

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Good Luck and may the creative force be with you

In Artistic Solidarity;