Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice one and all..........
Winter Solstice also known as Yule, Christmas, and Saturnalia, occurs in mid December. It celebrates the birth of the new Solar year and the beginning of Winter. Colors are Red, Green, and White. This is a festival of inner renewal.
The Winter Solstice is unique among days of the year — the time of the longest night and the shortest day. The dark triumphs but only briefly. For the Solstice is also a turning point. From now on (until the Summer Solstice, at any rate), the nights grow shorter and the days grow longer, the dark wanes and the Sun waxes in power. From the dark womb of the night, the light is born.

Winter Solstice is my celebration for this time of the year and so i've been bringing solstice in a big way,last night i organized a cookie drop in, great turn out 14 womyn with many sweets in hand and then tonight off to a solstice party. The pics above is a funky mirror hanging in my office kewl eh!!! Yes that is the cookie table early evening it got fuller. Well dear readers i am signing off now until the New Year .......Happy Holidaze from Mi Casa Su Casa.

In Artistic Solidarity;

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Gifts Of Creative Xpression

Happy Solstice Blessings;
Its beginning to look alot like celebrations are a brewing....People ask me do i like Christmas and yeah babies i do!!! actually what i like is celebrations that happen through out the year and creating my own celebrations which i have gone ahead an done this year for Winter Solstice ...My year has been challenging many loses but then there have been new beginnings so ya see it all balances out in the end is the way i see it. I choose to see the good stuff even when i am sad at times.

Posting has gotten lost in life these days with school deadlines an all,I will be working on a big assignment over the holidaze no rest for this artist ok ok a couple of days lol lol.

The pictures are stories in themselves....The Solstice card is one i made this year to send out i love collage...

Are ya trying to think of a funky gift to give what about an Art Subscription to Outsider Art In A Box..Check out how easy it is ,look in the right side bar and click away. For the past couple of weeks i have been at the post office sending subscriptions for Outsider thus far Australia is the furthest.

I have had the pleasure to soak up art events and last week was the Vancouver Art Gallery seeing the Georgia O'Keefe Exhibit.(Thanx Lynne) I also went to a local artist opening at the Radha Yoga and Eatery on Main St,what a kewl space..the artist i saw is Famous Empty Sky i love her work and will be taking a workshop from her in the new year.

I also went to a dinner party where creativity reigns throughout the space and the owner herself is a each of our plates was a cute stash of chocolate. Sweet eh!!!

Well i am off as i am on a deadline for an assignment that should have been in last week oops... i will be taking a break tonight to go on a dinner cruise to see the xmas carol boats and lights(more pics to come)

So come on create your celebration!!! I would love to hear how u do up your celebrations leave a comment

Art On

In Artistic Solidarity;

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Have U Been Waiting Long........

Yes its me Rhonda,I live and breathe and sure didn't reliaze that time has passed by so quickly..

Outsider continues to is creatively busy but wanted to update all on whats happening here at Outsider Central!!!

So i will begin with some peek-a-boos from Maxine Finch who creates chain mail keychains they are very kewl and Isabella one of our younger artists and very talented ,here are her darn it dolls aren't they they too cute.

I am actually creating more these days not sure how i can fit my bigger sculptures though into Outsiders Small boxes..

The other pics are my office is and where i work out of part time doing my other creative stuff and yep headquarters for Outsider Art In A Box.Stay tuned in 2008 for some funshops and info sessions on Outsider.

I hope this blog finds everyone well and creating away...

In Artistic Solidarity;

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thats What I'm Talking About.....

Hello Hello;
I'm finally here are u??? Soon to be Hallows Eve
can i say oops i forgot about my space here as i was enjoying life.Well i got NEWS!!!

Outsider has a new home and we are in the process of moving in yahoo!! I gotta tell ya its an exciting thing. We're gonna be in the hub of it all.For you vancouverites Outsider will be located at the corner of Main and Broadway in the old Lee building,we will be located on the second floor in office space i have one office and a friend has the the second space..Also there is a reception area,sitting area,kitchen and storage space..The total square footage is 633 sq feet but its soooooooo cute and cozy.

So in a nutshell that's what i have been doing is breathing some new life back into Outsider. Thank You to those people who contacted me privately to ask what is happening. There is more news to come which i hope to reveal soon. OUTSIDER LIVES!!! Stay Tuned More to come.....

Create On People, I'm glad to be back on board again.

In Artistic Solidarity;

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Walkabout Gastown

Good Morning;
Last week i spent a day in Gastown,with my friend Luchia (pic above) she purchased a beautiful fully furnished loft as an investment property and was hanging out for a week before her new tenant moved in. Gastown is full of diverse inspiration as u can see from some of the pics i took. The galleries in gastown are full of great talent and loads of creative xpression. Its great when u have someone that lives in a particular hood in a city as u see things that are non touristy its an awesome experience.

I was saying to myself the other day ya know Rhonda its all and good that u facilitate this public art project but what about your small stuff,my involvement has been nil in terms of creating my own creative wares. its very easy to become bogged down in the day to day details of the logistics of Outsider or any other public art project that is ongoing. So this is changing in small ways that will lead to big steps..Stay Tuned!!!

I also wanted to encourage you to check out two of Outsiders Artists that participated in the Annual Granville Island Ferries Great Garbage Can Art Contest and Auction on September 21st/2007

Create On....

In Artistic Solidarity;

Friday, September 14, 2007

Who R The People In Your Neighborhood and Beyond

Well here is another beauty day in the neighborhood!!
My creative life runneth over and for that i am grateful for the experiences that i am participating in. Its funny how when life hands u lemons what one does with them know for sure that i did make lemonade.

In my hood an acquaintance told me about a community pottery studio so off i went on Thursday morning. Pottery was my first love and i have been away from it for a number of years i gotta say that i was intimidated and unsure where to start.

I am going to make some creations for Outsider but this will take some thought as to what...The above pics of some clay discs that i am making for a sculpture it is kewl mixing different art mediums,the other pic is a shot of the pottery studio.

The last two pics are of my journey to see the Monet-Dali show at the Vancouver Art Gallery Can i say AWESOME!! IT WAS BREATHTAKING the downside was the crowds it somewhat limited me in reading everything about the Artist.I got the stamp of the Gallery on my hand if i wanted to go back in that night at a later time i was way too exhausted.The other two floors also had great exhibits and were easier to navigate in. Way To Go Vancouver Art Gallery....

Please Support the Arts and your local Artist!!

Good Day to You!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Moving Art

(Click on pic for more detail)

Good Sunny Morning;
On Saturday i was on Main St here in Vancouver BC and i spotted this awesome piece of art,i normally make a habit of carrying my camera with me so that i can capture things that catch my eye. As i was taking the picture this woman stood beside me and here is our conversation...

Woman: What is that?

Rhonda: Its an Art Car

Woman: How do you drive it?

Rhonda: Like any other car

Woman: Oh..... and then walks away shaking her head

It still surprises me at peoples reaction when they see something out of the norm.. i was in total awe of this piece of "Moving Art" and my hands applauded such creativity.. It is a boost to see how others express themselves.

I wanted to let you know that box making continues here at Outsider central today..i get to sit in my backyard take in the sun and create hard can that be...Enjoy the day

Create On!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Friday, September 07, 2007

All Cut Up...............

Hi All;
Well things truly are moving along and it feels good to be in a doing place..yesterday i cut out many boxes its a true beginning thanx for your support everybody..thanx for the comment Krystin you left...

There are many lessons and blessings that have reared up doing and not doing this project and one of them is art on Consignment its alot of work!!! plus trust,time etc and my goal is to pay everyone out over the next 2-3 months and leave consignment behind and payout the artist when they hand their work over instead of this waiting game. so i do apologize for the hanging part and for my on again/off on this project. Hang tight... and thanx for your patience it took me long enough to get clear on whats working whats not,choosing to continue this project means streamlining making some things easier on everybody.

Above also is a stained glass Mosaic i am working on for my counter top,its funny i am very much into piece work these days which truly reflects putting my life back together.

Well today is a full creative day for me so i'm at it....

Create on People!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fall Back

Hello Artful Ones!
Here we are in September already holy creative where does the time go. I am feeling the surge of creativity flow through me and its like an old familiar friend giving me a warm hug. All i can say is Awomyn to having my creative mojo back!

Which brings me to the pics above, Outsider behind the scenes is alot of hands on work before the art work is put into the art vending machines. working with a shoe string budget has its challenges and so above are the boxes which are cut out and put together each box takes approx 3-5 minutes per box and its very time consuming and its something that i truly procrastinate on. so i am taking baby steps daily to build up my box inventory. so send me warm vibrations to get at it. As the title says i am now ready to fall back into Outsider and get reacquainted with this public art project.

Happy Fall Back Day

In Artistic Solidarity;

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Pattern Pieces Of Life......

Merry Meet;
Can u believe its almost September, Hmm i wonder is my clock spinning faster than usual.Life continues to unfold here at Outsider Central as i put one foot in front of another. I truly have been on a long break and continued evaluation of the project. I am slowly getting back into creativity as somewhere i lost the will of creative expression it just up and left. Slowly i feel that deep within voice and feeling of creative expression in me but i need to be gentle for fear of losing it again.

Yesterday i got overwhelmed with a creative burst of energy and i nudged it into a slow motion action,a small hall wall was calling out for an identity of its own,wallpaper came to mind but what??? i glanced around my space and there was my whole case of pattern pieces calling to be put on the wall it was a very fitting exercise of emotional and creative exploration.As each piece of the pattern had its place and refused to be slapped into place without some thought.

Unfortunately i was unable to get a decent picture of the patterned wall but i will keep on trying...My dear friend Cindy E. bought me a new digital camera as a belated birthday gift so that i could continue to go forward in my life and capture my creative expression. Thank-You Cindy for your support of me and my art!!!

Well people i wanted to pop in and say hi...Have an awesome day

In Artistic Solidarity;


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Small Spaces & Artist Of The Month

Hello My Creative Ones;
Yes i live and breathe....After a short break and transition here i be...I have moved home and studio together in a very funky area of Vancouver BC...

I am now living in a small space which is a given when living in the city and your on an Artists budget..The first pic above is my art wall in my small space..

Outsider is tucked in storage and boxes while i put it back together again and look for studio space that has a tad more of a permanent feeling. I could write my own Artists Survivor series...

Artist Of The Month is Andrea Flaa and u can find her kewl creative expression in small from the art vending machine and some truly funky large pieces at Ruby Dog's Art House check it,above is a sample of her work....Enjoy and please support the arts!!!

Hey Good to be back blogging to ya

In Artistic Solidarity;

Monday, July 30, 2007

Moving Right Along................

Hi Everyone;
Checking in with a brief update.... I will be moving house and studio very soon and so my time has been occupied with finding space...Much of my stuff which includes the studio will go into storage.

As some of u are aware i lost the studio due to the programme i was sharing with closed their doors and i had hoped to take the space over but the landlord doubled the rent,so my dreams went up in smoke. I have had to let go of 80% of Art Stuff which has been very sad ,other things are on hold or in limbo re:Outsider Art In A Box and I am sorry about this.

So Please Hang In There I shall return..Upcoming is a new artist of the month at Ruby Dogs Art House for August.

In Artistic Solidarity;

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ruby Dog's Artist Of The Month

Hey Sunny People;
I am here ,lots going on in my world.. More changes afoot thanx for your patience i hope to be back to regular Art Creativity the end of the summer.

There is a new Artist Of The Month in Town and i gots to say the creativity keeps getting cuter lol lol

Stroll on over to Ruby Dog's today and get an

Check out Kristen Goodsell awesome work;

Rock On in the sunny creative world.....

In Artistic Solidarity;

Monday, July 02, 2007

Create Your Way...................

Good Morrow...........
I hope the weekend was full of rest,relaxation and for u creatives loads of expression. After last week being a tad down and unsure where Outsider is calling home,i decided to get over it and just go with the flow and flow i did this weekend.

I received beautiful unexpected blessings and lessons...
Unfortunately i never made it to the studio this weekend the intention was there but the flow was taking me elsewhere but thats why i am up early this beautiful Monday so i can make a creative dash and create while i have the space...

So the pic above is a story i would love to share about flowing. Thursday Night the phone rang and someone was going on about i wasn't sure what and i assumed it was a pesky telemarketer i was just about to blow them off when i heard Outsider Art In A Box mentioned, hmmm my ears perked up and i tuned in...Well it so happens that Molly Clark(on end of phone) a producer for a Art Series out of the USA was surfing on the web and came across Outsider Art In A Box and they would like to interview me on their way to Alaska.

Well needless to say i was in my art centre and my mood increased tenfold,maybe life didn't suck after all lol lol

So it was arranged for Saturday as they were coming from Seattle...Well Saturday dawned and the beauty day called forth and so onward i went flowing... it was an awesome day spent with fabo friends,loads of spontaneous events took place and there i was right in the middle of it... Well early afternoon came about and no call from Artland yet??? My friend and i were still hanging and she was in need of food our location was on beautiful Main St.

I suggested several places that were very crowded and so i finally said we gotta go to Sollys that place rocked and we could sit and and enjoy the outside tables. So there i sit at Sollys with the perfect Outside seat taking it all in, when suddenly i see this oversize RV turning left in huge letters and very colorful written on the Rv ARTLAND!!!

Imagine my surprise and i am thinking wow and then hey i am supposed to get interviewed,well they roll to a stop in front of Sollys i go up and knock introduce myself to Claire part of the production team of Artland, So she explains to me that the cameraman was unable to cross the boarder and so everything was set back but they would be in touch and still would be interested in the interview,Molly Clark who spoke to me on the phone was also back in Seattle trying to problem solve so that their cameraman could continue the journey.

For more info about ARTLAND .................WWW.ARTLANDUSA.TV

So that was an bonus part of my day on Saturday, it always amazes when one door closes other windows and doors open.. If anything i know of this weekend that Outsider will continue to live and be part of my journey,this public art project has taken me down many roads inside of self and outside in the real world..

Thank-You for those that stuck with me through the growing pains its been damn appreciated let me tell you!!! and hey if you are stopping in here leave me a comment say hi!!! I love to hear from those that stop by..

Well my people its time to sign off and jump into another day of adventure and some unknowns..

Create On!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ask What??????????

The studio has been a busy spot since i moved in, Sunday was a singles womyns Art Party alot of neat stuff came out of it...I love this particular card that was created by a particpant and it just touched me little did i know how impacting it would be.

Yesterday i got a call from my studio mate giving notice that the studio will be no more!!! yep u heard i thought with organizing other artists would enable me to keep the space. Then another curve was thrown my way the rent of $1400 would be going up to $2800 and so the studio is not attainable at that price even with artists... So i am sad trying to suck it up and move on.....Moving on to where i don't know.

I am putting it out there for a large live/work space in Vancouver!!! Please if u do live in Vancouver keep your eyes and ears open as i am handy and can do somethings to make it my own. Its funny things truly were in Launch mode and people were supportive of the happenings at the studio. So ask the card says ASK???

I am Asking help me to find Outsider a settled home...affordable!!!

Thanx people...

In Artistic Solidarity;

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Standing Tall...............

Will ya look at the blue skies and feel the heat of the sun..can we say Yahoo!!!
yes i am still here more focused these days with the studio,things are beginning to take off in several different directions.

As you know the Open Studio was an awesome boost...This past weekend i became one with the studio being able to begin working on a large piece.

It will still take time to organize the studio space. This upcoming weekend will be another Art Party.

The above pic is a Art Vending Machine that was created by Nicci B, the fabo stand that the machine is sitting on was created by a metal artist Ilone, that i connected with from craiglist. The stand is a true sculptural piece that is a fit for this vending machine and the bonus is that this machine can go and be taken anywhere..i like portable and access.

Alrighty then i am off to enjoy the day.....

Be one with creativity people....

In Artistic Solidarity;

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Supporting The Artist..........."Figas Closet"

How does one support the Artist?? its been my experiences to buy their work one because i like what i see and two its local and truly who knows how the work of this artist will take off and i want to be the first to have one of a kind. My home is over flowing not only with my own work but others beautiful works of Art. It would take u awhile to see everything in my home gallery its a bit overwhelming for the first timer lol lol.

I feel blessed with the talent that is throughout my home. Below is another way to support an artist that is creatively fundraising and i ask that u please support her Art!!!
Please click on the above pics for a closer view....

Art On people!!!!

Hi everyone,
As most of you know, my son Diego has a speech delay called "Apraxia of Speech". He has been getting free speech therapy for the past few years from the government, but as soon as he turns 5 (in August), they will not cover it any more, so we will have to hire a private Speech Language Pathologist. They charge around $100/hour.

On the other hand, I have created these new creatures called Figos. They are wishing dolls; each is unique, has it's own original name (which the kids pick); and I sew them here at home.

So I am writting this email to introduce the Figos to you, to fundraise for Diego's speech. We need to raise $10,000 for next year's therapy. Each Figo is $40 including the mail. If you would like to help us, please write an email and send a cheque made to Diego's name to:

Diego Segovia
206-1288 West Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 3R3

Please don't forget to write your address. You will have your Figo in about a week. I am attaching some pictures so you know what I'm taking about :)

lots of love & good wishes,
Diego, Triana & Claudia

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Open House Part 2

How Do???
I wanted to continue with the Open House Thread, the above pics are the creations that were made and left for me to love and admire. It always amazes me as to what takes place when u put out materials that enhances creativity with a
little curiosity, nudge and encouragement i watched fascinated at the process staying out of the creative outcomes...

The Play table was set up in the middle of room laden with lots of diverse goodies, it couldn't be missed or avoided cause this is where we all ended up. Watching the children just jump in and do was enough to push the adults closer to touching,looking through the materials.

What i love about creativity is the process and how it manifests from one person to another which was the case on Saturday.I will be one with the studio this weekend finally able to get my hands dirty.

Please know that you are welcome to come and see the space let me know!!

Lets put our hands together for some sun today!!! i say bring it on

In Artistic Solidarity;

Monday, June 11, 2007

Peeking Into The Open House

Gooooooooooooood Morning;
I gotta tell ya the Open House on Saturday Rocked, Great turnout despite the very soggy weather...The space was loved by all who walked through the door.An Art Play Table,snacks and music playing in the background added to the inside creative atmosphere.

Over the next couple of days i will post more pics of the Open House..The two above pics of the altered playing cards were made by two wonderful little girl artists who are 6 & 3 years of age and they put these creative xpressions were done without any help from Mom..
The next upcoming creative generation!

As for the rest of the pics check them out, there is one pic(Claudia,Diego and the cute stuffies) that i will be elaborating on.

Thanx So much for the support on Saturday..

In Artistic Solidarity;