Friday, May 09, 2008

So Long......Farewell

Good Beautiful Morning Creatives;
As u see from the title of this post, i am writing to say my farewells as i put Outsider Art In A Box to rest.. its been such a creative learning doing this public art project and i have met so many people that have participated as artists or artist consumers and I thank each and every one of u!!!

None of this could have been done without your input and support..Yes i am moving on but will continue to create locally and away.Above are pics of a workshop that was gifted to me and yes my fave facilitator Empty Sky,this particular workshop really inspired me on many different levels.

I still can be contacted at alteredanything at shaw dot ca i still have loose ends to tie up for Outsider. I have no regrets in doing Outsider at the time i felt it was something that needed to be done and now the time has passed.The other pic is a very interesting story and i am following some of my dreams in the next year take a look and hear their story.

I share also with sadness that Ruby Dogs Art House here in Vancouver will be closing its door the end of June 2008.its a great loss to the creative community.
There are great sales on check it out the address is on the right hand side of blog

So friends i must sign off as there are many things that i must do in moving on..

To Thine Own Self Be True

In Artistic Solidarity;