Thursday, September 27, 2007

Walkabout Gastown

Good Morning;
Last week i spent a day in Gastown,with my friend Luchia (pic above) she purchased a beautiful fully furnished loft as an investment property and was hanging out for a week before her new tenant moved in. Gastown is full of diverse inspiration as u can see from some of the pics i took. The galleries in gastown are full of great talent and loads of creative xpression. Its great when u have someone that lives in a particular hood in a city as u see things that are non touristy its an awesome experience.

I was saying to myself the other day ya know Rhonda its all and good that u facilitate this public art project but what about your small stuff,my involvement has been nil in terms of creating my own creative wares. its very easy to become bogged down in the day to day details of the logistics of Outsider or any other public art project that is ongoing. So this is changing in small ways that will lead to big steps..Stay Tuned!!!

I also wanted to encourage you to check out two of Outsiders Artists that participated in the Annual Granville Island Ferries Great Garbage Can Art Contest and Auction on September 21st/2007

Create On....

In Artistic Solidarity;

Friday, September 14, 2007

Who R The People In Your Neighborhood and Beyond

Well here is another beauty day in the neighborhood!!
My creative life runneth over and for that i am grateful for the experiences that i am participating in. Its funny how when life hands u lemons what one does with them know for sure that i did make lemonade.

In my hood an acquaintance told me about a community pottery studio so off i went on Thursday morning. Pottery was my first love and i have been away from it for a number of years i gotta say that i was intimidated and unsure where to start.

I am going to make some creations for Outsider but this will take some thought as to what...The above pics of some clay discs that i am making for a sculpture it is kewl mixing different art mediums,the other pic is a shot of the pottery studio.

The last two pics are of my journey to see the Monet-Dali show at the Vancouver Art Gallery Can i say AWESOME!! IT WAS BREATHTAKING the downside was the crowds it somewhat limited me in reading everything about the Artist.I got the stamp of the Gallery on my hand if i wanted to go back in that night at a later time i was way too exhausted.The other two floors also had great exhibits and were easier to navigate in. Way To Go Vancouver Art Gallery....

Please Support the Arts and your local Artist!!

Good Day to You!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Moving Art

(Click on pic for more detail)

Good Sunny Morning;
On Saturday i was on Main St here in Vancouver BC and i spotted this awesome piece of art,i normally make a habit of carrying my camera with me so that i can capture things that catch my eye. As i was taking the picture this woman stood beside me and here is our conversation...

Woman: What is that?

Rhonda: Its an Art Car

Woman: How do you drive it?

Rhonda: Like any other car

Woman: Oh..... and then walks away shaking her head

It still surprises me at peoples reaction when they see something out of the norm.. i was in total awe of this piece of "Moving Art" and my hands applauded such creativity.. It is a boost to see how others express themselves.

I wanted to let you know that box making continues here at Outsider central today..i get to sit in my backyard take in the sun and create hard can that be...Enjoy the day

Create On!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Friday, September 07, 2007

All Cut Up...............

Hi All;
Well things truly are moving along and it feels good to be in a doing place..yesterday i cut out many boxes its a true beginning thanx for your support everybody..thanx for the comment Krystin you left...

There are many lessons and blessings that have reared up doing and not doing this project and one of them is art on Consignment its alot of work!!! plus trust,time etc and my goal is to pay everyone out over the next 2-3 months and leave consignment behind and payout the artist when they hand their work over instead of this waiting game. so i do apologize for the hanging part and for my on again/off on this project. Hang tight... and thanx for your patience it took me long enough to get clear on whats working whats not,choosing to continue this project means streamlining making some things easier on everybody.

Above also is a stained glass Mosaic i am working on for my counter top,its funny i am very much into piece work these days which truly reflects putting my life back together.

Well today is a full creative day for me so i'm at it....

Create on People!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fall Back

Hello Artful Ones!
Here we are in September already holy creative where does the time go. I am feeling the surge of creativity flow through me and its like an old familiar friend giving me a warm hug. All i can say is Awomyn to having my creative mojo back!

Which brings me to the pics above, Outsider behind the scenes is alot of hands on work before the art work is put into the art vending machines. working with a shoe string budget has its challenges and so above are the boxes which are cut out and put together each box takes approx 3-5 minutes per box and its very time consuming and its something that i truly procrastinate on. so i am taking baby steps daily to build up my box inventory. so send me warm vibrations to get at it. As the title says i am now ready to fall back into Outsider and get reacquainted with this public art project.

Happy Fall Back Day

In Artistic Solidarity;