Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Falling To Pieces.................

My humble apologies for not posting sooner as i have been falling to pieces,well actually i am all caught up in a puzzle swap hosted by Ruby Dog's Art House. There is no theme and so i am truly pushing myself through to the finish.

The Womyn's Ware machine is now installed and looks beautiful in the new surroundings.i am working on some of my own ideas to place in the boxes as my creativty is nil unless one considers admin duties for Outsider Art In A Box a form of creativty.

This is short hello, Reese will be here at Outsider Central Thursday so look for her posting tomorrow.

In Artistic Solidarity;

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Darnit, Darnit,Darnit

How Do???
I wanted to show some more of the diverse creative expression that the newest contributor has sent into Outsider Art In A Box.

In the previous posting peek-a-boo Bella was introduced and some examples of her creativity. This particular piece to the right is one of my faves and this is a great example of work that can be enjoyed by all ages. I may ask Bella to make more of these Darn It Dolls so that they can go also in go in the other Outsider Art Vending Machines. Please Click on it so that you can read about the use of the Darn It Doll Ya gotta love it!!!

There are some new branches a brewing here at Outsider Central please stay tuned!!!

Have a Creative Filled Day....

Creativity Rocks;

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hello Hello One and all,
Sorry, I'm running out of catchy greetings. Reese here, of course, with a wee update. It is my distinct pleasure to unveil our latest project and one of our pioneering artists involved. Our newest box will be art for children by other young people. We are currently in need of young artists to fill it, as well as a location, although we have one place that we have our eye on.

Anyway, here is one of our gifted young artists. She has written her own bio below, and there are pics of her work . Its so awesome to see someone so young following their artistic passions.
( Must be the homeschooling;)


Hi! I am Bella.
I am an 11 year old kid from Alberta.
I have been homeschooled all my life.
I love to work with my hands and to try all different kinds of crafts.
Besides crafting, I love to rock climb and skateboard.
I love monkeys and one day want to volunteer in Borneo to help save the orangutans.

Be Weird!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Heart Day!!!

Happy Day!!!
I wanted to reveal a new machine today,that will be installed this week at *Womyns Ware 896 Commercial Dr. A couple of months ago i was approached by Andrea the retail manager of Womyns Ware as they would be interested in hosting a machine.

Andrea chose some of the items from the inventory that they would like in the machine,so that was a start. Then could a machine be done to suit their store. As much as i would have loved to do this machine time was a factor for me, so i contacted an artist that i felt would reflect the stores needs. Krystin Goodsell painted and embellished this beautiful machine..Krystin sent pics throughout the process and i gotta tell ya i love the outcome. Krystin has been a huge supporter of Outsider as well as her creative contributions to the art vending machines. As this project continues to grow i am always amazed at the creativity from all the artists that have and are part of Outsider Art In A Box.

*Please note this is an adult store and you must be 18 plus to enter...

In Artistic Solidarity;

Monday, February 12, 2007


The past weekend was all about the creativity at Outsider Central...

Nancy Mckay owner/operator of Sacred Drum Herbals from Kamloops BC is adding her creative expression in the form of soap . What i have always found interesting in Nancy's approach to soap making is that she works from the ground up, All Sacred Drum Herbals Soaps are made from all natural vegetable base using primarily organic and wild crafted herbs and plant material from Nancy's garden.

Box making was a work party friday night Thank You Nancy and Jody for your help.

This is short folks as more is coming over the next few days... Stay Tuned..

In Artistic Solidarity;

Thursday, February 08, 2007



Did I write tiny artists? I meant tiny art...but if you are a tiny artist please know that we are an equal opportunity project.

So yes...tiny art. If you are reading this blog then you may already be aware of what we do. Outsider Art In A Box owns a number of refurbished vending machines that dispense boxes that are 4.25" in length, 3" Width, and 1" Depth . For more information, and to obtain a submission form, please check out our website at*(click on Outsider Art.)

We currently have twenty or so artists involved with our endeavour, and welcome all mediums. Our main goal is to make art affordable and accessible to people from all walks of life. We also want to provide an outlet for art that is "outside the box", and then put it into a box.
(I know, it sounds counter productive, but it somehow works.)

So please don't be shy, and spread the word.


PS. BIG THANKS to Kathy for giving me a coffee condom. I feel so much better knowing that I have protection for my MANY caffeinated encounters. ;)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Wanted: A New Home

This is the newest machine that was created by Claudia Segovia of Purple Orange Arts.

isn't it cute and fun!!! this machine has no home yet but what i would like to fill this machine with is kids art yep made by young would be neat to have it reside at a space t
hat kids of all ages go to,so i am open to ideas.....

Next Week Outsider will be revealing another machine that will be going to its new home on February 14th/07 . I received another dose of the flu last week so my apologies for lack of posting.
There are some fab developments here at Outsider Central and will be revealed soon.

Well Creative Ones not much to say today but wanted to show off this funky machine. Thanx to all the artists that have added their creativity to the Outsider Art Vending Machines inside and out each one is unique and most certainly showcases the artists creativity and alot of talent. Outsider is diverse in each and every machine and for me that is what and more that this project is all about. Thanx to each and every one of you and for your creativity.

Rock On In The Creative World!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;