Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Creative Saga Continues....Yahoo!!!

its another rocking sunny day and i enjoyed a nice break hanging out with the blue skies and sun...It makes the final course push over the next couple o
f weeks worth these sunny days and more. Ok now did u all see that beautiful mooning last night??? wasn't it beautiful??

Empty Skys Art show is still there at Havana's to be seen,i forgot my camera to take pics but may try and pop in to take some much deserved pics her work is beautiful...

Above is my art class pic and two of the womyn are getting into the class assignments,the kewl thing is i have an Art Play Date on Sunday with my good friend Cindy so i am looking forward to just playing with the techniques that i am learning. Well people course reading is calling my name, gots to go

To be continued:

In Artistic Solidarity;

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hail Creatives;
Another full day here at Outsider Central...I didn't make it to my art class on Monday so not much to report on that creative front, but i would like to share,encourage you to take a look at Empty Sky's Art Show that is upcoming this weekend. Click on the invitation above it will give all the details.

I am catching up on some very overdue reading for my course work,naturally i am distracted by other things going on that eat up my time but no complaints here as i love the spontaneity of my day to day life. Next week i am finally going to tackle grouting my mosaic counter top i made its more than overdue i will post pics when i am done. Its Friday in my hood and i am going to commit some time to my course as i will finish soon..Have an awesome weekend..Take a step to the creative side...

Till we meet again;

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rock and Roll of Creativity

Its Black History Month!!! this post is the past two weeks of my night continues to be a learning curve and a nice balance from my academic course. Collage is an interesting medium and Empty Sky is an awesome facilitator with loads of experience..

Lots going on here at Outsider central, over the next few months i will update you all. The above pics give a bit of insight into my collage journey and i thought it was fitting to create a piece for my celebration and acknowledgment of Black History. The other pics are collage creations on a time limit the whole idea is not to over think but just do.

The last pic is a focused student,my friend Cindy. I raved so much about the class that Cindy signed up in the fourth week of class.. Gotta love the power of creativity.

Hmm u may have noticed that i removed Outsider Art In A Box Subscription(On The Right) with my present and upcoming schedule i am streamlining some of my commitments so until further notice it will be on hold.

Well i have overdue reading to catch up on and writing... Be Creative!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;