Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Crawl,Snow & Art

Hello Snow People;
Well the Culture Crawl was a blast and again i suggest it for those of u for next year that didn't have a chance to make it .
On Friday night i was at 1000 Parker Studios,the halls and studios were packed with people by 7:00pm,the highlight of Friday night was the whole building was without lights for a bit of time now if u have never been in this building it was a total trip i was very grateful to not have been in motion in one of the stairwells or trying to get around in the hallways.

The bright spot was though that Purple Orange Arts had lights so many packed in there... I saw some awesome art expression on Friday..that building normally i stay away from on the crawl but getting there early on Friday and watching setup and then people coming in was fun. Remember Triana that i spoke about as she is Outsider Art In A Box youngest contributor well she had a table outside of moms studio and i am so thrilled for her she sold all her art this weekend!! its great to see people supporting a young emerging artist.

Saturday was another crawl day,we started off at the ARC building 1701 Powell
i love this space in all its pure funkyness!!! they have monthly tours i believe and its well worth checking this building out... The spaces are live/work plus there are workshops studios in the basement and a cafe for the public as well as people who live in building. Again i was taken with the art i saw there. all in all i truly enjoyed my art-full weekend and its so inspiring i got a ton of ideas to experiment with..

And that brings us in conclusion to the snow out there,i must say i honestly thought it would have moved on by now...but i am chalking it up now as an artisitc study(yeah right)

Well snow people stay warm and don't forget a hat!!!

Have a faboo Day!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Friday, November 24, 2006

Art-Full Weekend

Its beginning to look alot like an Art-Full Weekend fa la la la!!! My old creativty cup runneth over. so this is quick folks as the next few days are full.

Womens Art And Craft Faire is in its 13th year and there is alot of diverstity of creative expression...Check out the site for info on where,when and more

The Culture Crawl goes in full swing beginning at 5 pm today and carrying on throughout the weekend... Outsider Art In A Box will have a machine live at 1000 Parker studio of Purple Orange Arts Studio 430.

I love this art crawl as its so inspiring with loads of eye candy...So come on Down and check out Vancouvers Arts Scene

The other pics above are a commission piece that is being picked up by a womin from Prince George...haven't posted on here much this week as i was into finishing this piece to hand it over.

The story of this piece began with the case which is an old jewelery display case,many of the items were given to me by the client as they held many memories of an Aunt who passed away. The client is interwoven throughout this piece which i still haven't named yet hmmmmmmmmmm

well all have an awesome weekend...Bright Blessings!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Monday, November 20, 2006


Going to the mailbox is always a surprise outside of the usual bills. Today a pkg arrived from Rochon Sands Alberta and artist Garry Gardiner in the pkg are mini prints of Garrys watercolors. They are awesome and very well put together... I am a tad bias here as Garry is an old friend of mine,he was very exicted about what i am doing here in BC and wanted to support Outsider Art In A Box.

These are defintely collector prints and will frame beautifully....Ten Years ago i went on an art vacation to Garrys Cottage which is his year round home and studio...I was learning some new techinques to apply to my own creative expressions,Garry is my Art Mentor i had the pleasure of a few years when the both of us resided in Edmonton Alberta for loads of quality art time,Today i go on working art holidays to continue to learn from Garry.

On that 10 yr ago Vacation Garry wanted to paint me and so here i am lounging on the sunporch at Garrys home cottage on the lake..The name of this piece is called "Rainbow Reverie",it was a surprise today when i opened the pkg and these particular prints were sent. I have a larger version of this piece and again my bias is showing i love all the diversity in this watercolor.

Ode to Working Artists!!!

Thanx Garry for your support and your wonderful watercolors...

In Artisitic Solidarity;

Friday, November 17, 2006

Sushi Anyone

The Above pic are Sushi candles made by Cindy Erskine of Maple Ridge I wasn't sure if in the past i had put these cuties in a Peek-A-Boo. It continues to amaze me what creativty can fit into the Outsider boxes. The Sushi Candles come with wasabi and ginger these sushi candles truly look good enough to eat.

Outsider Art In A Box Subscription is peeking the curiousity of some...Above certainly is a little gem you could receive in your monthly subscription.

Give the gift of art today and yes you are supporting a working artist.

The Petri Dish on Saturday November 18/o6 is holding a tea party/art sale. Suzanne who painted one of the Outsiders Vending Machines will be showcasing her painted tea bags they are very cute!!!

So stroll on down to 2406 Main St The Petri Dish and have a cup of tea

Have a Creative Day!!
Art On

In Artistic Solidarity;

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hopping Along..............

Yesterday i had the pleasure to attend a friends graduation at the University Of Victoria,my friend graduated with a Bachelor Of Social Work Degree.

I was quite taken with the Victoria BC outdoor campus as it was full of bunny rabbits all different colors and sizes hopping about.

At times i feel very much like these bunnies as i hop about on the creative path,taking little nibbles here and there. There is always something to keep me creatively focused...

At this time i am preparing for the upcoming Culture Crawl November 24-26 as two machines will be hosted at Purple Orange Arts Studio,yep u read right two machines more on the second machine coming in near future posts.

I received an email the other day and it was pointed out that i did not have the art vending locations posted on my site quite an oversight on my part but has now been attended to ,please note locations will be posted here on the blog on the right hand side.

well its a rainy day and i as i look at my to do u in list..its time to say so long farewell for now i shall return!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Friday, November 10, 2006

Incoming Snail Mail

Yesterday in my snail mail was this awesome surprise sent to me from a couple of supporters of my website

its quite delightful and fun i have it hanging right in my sight...One never knows how creativty affects people and its nice to know that they enjoy what they see.A simple gesture like the one above makes a big difference for us working artists.

As you all can see i have made some changes here on the blog. Its a rainy blustery day out there,which is a wonderful time to settle in and create.

Have a great long weekend one and all!!!

Ode to Creativity!!!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Well its high time that i posted some peek-a-boos,yes creativity is still trickling in.
Thanx to the artists!!!

Above is the creative expression of

Krystin Goodsell....... Broken Heart Central mini Zine
....... Mini Assemblage 'Love' Series
....... Collaged fabric card 'Life'

Claudia Segovia (Purple Orange Arts)........Mini Art Stamps

Triana S. (Pretty Pets Arts)...........Art cards & jewelery

Triana is Outsiders first young artist with her own little biz,triana is 9 years old.

The flu has come to visit here at Outsider ugh!
Outsider Art In A Box can be a gift that can be given all year round....Give the gift of handmade....

Life is a Journey Not A Destination~Live It~Dream It~Be It

K All

In Artistic Solidarity;

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Stepping Out.....

On Friday night we went to see Bruce Cockburn at the centre,my partner Bev won the tickets on clear Fm radio,it was quite a surprise and the concert was awesome we had excellant seats. I truly love the smaller venues and know that i am way past wanting to be with thousands of people to catch a glimpse for lots of dollars.

It was my first experience being at the centre,the acoustics were awesome!!! this smaller venue offered a whole lot and i gotta tell ya old Bruce still captures an audience.

The above machine will go through a big transformation this week...This is the orignal Outsider Art In A Box machine that had its debut way back in May,i remember the vision i had for this machine and it came into being,along the way it was suggested to have different looking machines i had to really work through that as i wanted to hold fast to my vision,however like all things visions change and today i am happy to say that the diversity in the machines creative outlook has been a bonus.

My posts have certainly been sparse these days and i want to say sorry bout that,i am feeling and being very creative now and taking full advantage of the high.

I also pursue other creative paths so Outsider is a part of the journey.. I always welcome your creative expression to put in a box..

Have A Creative Filled Day!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

AND THE WINNER IS........................

The Winner for the 3 month Outsider Art In A Box Subscription and the Inspiration Kit is Ang West from Hamilton,Ontario

The Outsider Art In A Box Subscription makes an awesome gift anytime,some examples of items that come your way through snail mail are above but please note that creativity is everchanging here at Outsider Central.

For More Info on Outsider Subscripton go to the right hand of the blog here u can click and go...

Speaking of the blog i am making some changes here and there

Outsider will have a machine at the Cultural Crawl this year,it will hang in the studio of Purple Orange Arts @ 1000 Parker.

Also look for a new machine coming to Outsider very soon...this machine will focus on kids art..

Above is a pic of Outiders right hand..his name is Pepper a yorkie terrier he's 5 yrs old and is responsible for quality control.

I am in big time creative and catch up mode so i am off..ta ta for now

In Artistic Solidarity;