Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Few Of My Fave Things.....

Already Tomorrow will bring us another new year!!
The holidays thus far have been very abundant in so many ways and i'm grateful.
Above are my planting boots i received to add to my container gardening aren't they kewl??? I love using odd objects as planters and these funky boots will add another touch and it makes my container gardening a pleasure to partake in.

I began my creative goal list for 2007 and will finish it tomorrow..

Wishing all a Happy New Year!!

Ode To Creativity!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice

Longest Night of the Year

The winter solstice marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. The sun appears at its lowest point in the sky, and its noontime elevation appears to be the same for several days before and after the solstice. Hence the origin of the word solstice, which comes from Latin solstitium, from sol, “sun” and -stitium, “a stoppage.” Following the winter solstice, the days begin to grow longer and the nights shorter.

The above pic is a card i created for Solstice.......Rhonda

Happy Winter Solstice!!!!

This is my Day of celebration and this is where i am going to finish posting for this year.

Dear Readers;

Six months ago i had a dream and so began a new creative journey called Outsider Art In A Box Art Vending. The project has strong meaning for me what i wanted to facilitate was that art can and is accessible and affordable to all classes of people.

The past six months has been full of insight,determination,surprises and loads of learning.Like any project there are the hills and valleys of growing creativity.I am pleased from the postive outcome that Outsider has received. Already 2007 is full of lots more branches for Outsider.I honestly couldn't have done it without each and everyone of you. Thank-You so much!!!

As Carol Burnett says " I am so glad we've had this time together to have a laugh and sing a song seems we just got started and before you really know it,its time to say so long"

I will be checking my email throughout the next little while but i won't be posting until January 2/2007

k maybe an odd pic might show up..

I wish each and everyone Bright Blessings!!!

Happy Winter Solstice and Abundant Holidays

In Artistic Solidarity;


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

To Be Or Not to Be The Grinch.............

Hey Hey Hey!
Its another day here at Outsider Central...Time is ticking and just checking are u done all the many shoulds,coulds on your lists.

Above the first pic is of the Grinch i just loveeeeeeeeeeee him and would love to pinch his cheeks and give him big hugs!! I saw this lovely green beauty at Stanley park and couldn't resist getting a pic. Its a mixed bag out there when ones goes out into the holiday fray,the grinch attitude pops up, well i chose not to sign on for the grumpy outlook. The Grinch is a reminder of whats it gonna be are ya miserable or do u have a gratitude attitude!!! I chose the gratitude as it takes less energy.

So ya never know when the Grinch is going to show itself...To Be Or Not To Be The Grinch That Is The Question!!!!!!!!!!!

The Gift Of Art Continues,stocking stuffers are abundant here at Outsider and above are just a few ideas,better yet get to a machine and put your four dollars in and receive a little boxed surprise and then tuck it into a stocking or how bout an office gift,hostess gift the ideas are endless.

Have u pondered the idea of giving a Outsider Art In A Box Subscription By Snail Mail...Look to your right and place an order or two talk it up.

Art On My People!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Friday, December 15, 2006

Receiving The Gift Of Art......

Good Morning and happy Sunny Day, Yahoo;

This will be brief this am as i am down to the wire in sending my daughters holiday goodies to her back east.

A couple of days ago trusty pepper(dog) was on alert and went crazy as something was happening outside,i went to the back door to see something hanging on door knob and the back of someone in take off mode...

And Surprise a present for "moi" isn't it awesome creatively fashioned i soooo love it...The holiday creative goddess who created this for me is Krystin Goodsell

I really enjoy Krystins work and now i have a unique piece!!!!

Well people have an awesome weekend...The Womens Craft Faire is happening this weekend at Heritage Hall on Main Street.

Chow For Now

In Artistic Solidarity;

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Giving The Gift Of Art....Moving Right Aong

Merry Meet Creative Ones;
Time is flying so fast i am surprised that we are only what 12 days from the 25th
Outsider Central is most certainly in its own time warp here.

I have a full daytimer today so this will be brief .

The Outsider Gift Subscription has taken off big time ,believe it or not i have many American Subscribers and I Thank all for their support of the Arts!!!

Chalk It Up is a yours truly creation, a cute stocking stuffer for all ages, its a pin or a necklace that comes with a piece of chalk in which one can write a feeling,poem,quote or what have you.

Sushi Candles made by Cindy E. are certainly conversation pieces and give off a nice glow...if interested in these please contact me directly..

Krystin Goodsell is a regular contributor and supporter of Outsider, In previous posts Krystin has been featured. I find her to be a diverse artist and is comfy with playing with all mediums...her work is only a small example of her larger works and her work is worth investing in. Aren't the zines kewl


I love these gals creative was a wonderful surprise unpacking their little gems.Check their website out you will be love their creative outcomes.
totally thumbs up for these gals.

Ok people time to sign off have an awesome day...

Keep Arting On!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Friday, December 08, 2006

Fa La La La....Gifts Of Creative Xpression

Yo Yo Yo!
Its beginning to look alot like the snow is gone............. Awomyn!
Life continues to move right along here at Outsider Headquarters, Did u know that Outsider Art In A Box is 6 months old,sometimes i wonder where the time has gone. I have been taking lots of mini breaks from the project as its been quite involved to get it on its feet... Behind the scenes which many of u never see there are lots of details one of the things that i have been slack on is finding spaces for the machines this will change in the New Year as i have been approached for new spaces to showcase the machines and i also will be having some helping in getting them out there.

Also Balancing doing my own art work has been interesting but i feel that its a priority in order to keep things moving forward. I make many gifts,cards throughout the year,however the last several months i have been on a roll creatively and take advantage of the flow. The first four pics above are some of my creative expression and yep that is a pic of the elusive me who is not into posting my pic normally. The oversized playing card is a collage and the envelope that goes with it will be enroute to Armstrong,BC

"I Am" is a mixed media lightbox piece.

"Uppity Womyn" mixed media on collage

The last two pieces are gifts from an Outsider Art In A Box Contributor,she does beaded keychains to put into the outsider boxes.During Holidays etc centerpieces and swags like above are created by this artist.

Well time to sign off as its a very full weekend!!!

Happy Arting.....

In Artistic Solidarity;

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Giving the Gift of Art con't

Good Morning;
I thought i would try and get an earlier start posting this morning before my day takes off.

Above i have three artists that are also contributors to Outsider Art In A Box,in the small boxes you get a small sampling of the artists work and my hopes is you are curious enough to see more.

The Picture Pins are by Ann B,these and other great works of art can be purchased directly from Ann and its worth seeing her diversity of expression.
For those of you who may be interested in one of a kind beaded purses Ann is the artist to go see unfortunately i don't have a pic of her bags but i am here to tell ya they are faboo!!!

annblackwell@shaw. ca

Claudia S is a relatively new artist that has wandered to Outsider Art In A Box and is a very welcome addition. what i have seen of Claudias work makes me curious and exicted as to what is coming next..above are puppets that Claudia makes pretty cute eh.Claudia and her daughter have been featured here in previous posts. Great Gifts anytime of the year!!!!

Kathy B is a big supporter of Outsider Art In A Box and a very first contributor and continues to be a big fan......Thanx Kathy!!!! Ilove the coffee condoms and proudly i carry one with me everywhere i go,they are a great enviromental gift and they are truly funky!!! The coffee condoms can be purchased directly from Kathy. so go on try a coffee condom!!!

Art On!!!

In Artsitic Solidarity;

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Giving The Gift Of Art...............

Well as far as i can tell the snow is almost behind us..Thank Goddess!!
Over the next couple of weeks i am going to offer some gift suggestions for the artist and art lovers in your life.

Gift Giving i feel is something that i celebrate all year round,this time of year for me is more about get togethers and food.

Handmade gifts are a delight to me cause i know that lots of love went into the beautiful outcome.

Ruby Dog's is a fave place of mine and is home to the first Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machine. I love this unique store and i gotta tell ya i never come home empty handed,for me i feel so overwhelmed cause there is so much to see and want to haves..Ruby Dog's has Gift Certificates ,i received one last year and spent every cent plus had to add some of my own dollars.

Take the time and go take a peek and tell Leanne that Outsider Art In A Box sent them.

Rachel Daws was one of the first contributors ( Thanx Rachel)to Outsider Art In A Box when it first began...Rachels work is breath taking,beautiful,insightful colorful..i love her work and her mini watercolors that reside in the Art Vending Machines are a true investment of this Artists Work.

I see how talented she is in her mini watercolors and its well worth seeing her larger works...Check out her upcoming Art Show December 16-17 @ 3008 West 32nd Ave 10-3

Well Folks please stay tuned for more suggestions in this series in Giving The Gift Of Art.

In Artisitic Solidarity;