Friday, June 30, 2006

Yeah Baby!!!

Besides Outsider Art In A Box i also pursue my own creativity on a larger scale. I like to work with found objects that had a past life, in this case the past life of this piece was a retail display item i just jazzed it up a bit....

Yo Creative Ones!!!!
its good to be back in Vancouver, New Brunswick was awesome the weather was great and it was good to catch up with family and friends..

Thank -You Thank-You to all that have particpated in Outsider Art In A Box....Earth Urban festival went well and Outsider Art In A Box was embraced and sold out over the 5 days...Thats lots of creativity!

Outsider Art In A Box is going live on

Breakfast Television On Tuesday July 4th,2006 somewhere
between 7:15 am-8:30 am....
Check It Out

The Petri Dish is a drop off for Outsider Art In A Box,Please drop off your artwork,forms,submission fee..

The Petri Dish
2406 Main Street

Tuesday-Thursday- 11-6
Friday- 11-8
Saturday- 11-6
Sunday- 12-5

Hey Hey its the long weekend and i am outta here ,just got unpacked to repack..gotta love free time.

Enjoy the Sun(wear sunscreen) I'll be back

In Artistic Solidarity;

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I am off tomorrow for a much needed rest,going home to Fredericton,New Brunswick... I recommend a trip to all to the Maritimes its a beautiful part of Canada.

The Outsider Art In A Box will be installed at the UrbanFestival check it out from June 21-25 there are lots of goodies in this machine i was able to create a few things chalkboard necklaces, mini atc kits and domino pins. Artist friend Cindy has made up sushi candles.

The Petri Dish is holding workshops for those who may be interested in creating work for Outsider Art In a Box,Also Petri Dish is holding a fundraiser lots of music...check the dish blog out for more info

I will be checking email throughout my travels,patience as it may take me a little while to get back to you....Bring on the Artwork!!!!

Is anybody there reading my ramblings..leave a word or two at the bottom of this post....Comments...............

Have and Art-Full Day!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Outsider Art In A Box In The News

Vancouver Courier

Pay Your Money And Take Your Chances
Rhonda Simmons converted feminine hygiene vending machines into mini galleries dispensing tiny artistic surprises.

By Cheryl Rossi-Staff writer /Photo-Dan Toulgoet

Rhonda Simmons calls art her greatest partner and she wants to share the love. She's installing vending machines around Vancouver that sell original works for $4.
"I feel that art is one of those beautiful expressions that should be accessible to everybody," said the mixed-media artist, who lives in Killarney.
The machines, called Outsider Art in a Box, are painted purple, feature an artsy elephant fashioned after the Hindu god Ganesh and house pieces of art in boxes that are four-and-a-half inches long, three inches wide and one inch deep.

"It's about a creative challenge," Simmons said. "It's working with the dimensions of the box, using the least amount of materials but coming up with some really diverse creative expression."

The works for sale include collages, pins, chalkboard necklaces, scarves, sushi candles, and a "coffee condom," which is a knit coffee cup sleeve with the tag, "Use a coffee condom. Don't get burned." The machines will also soon be selling zines to read.
The machines are refurbished feminine hygiene product dispensers that don't have windows, so those willing to shell out $4 for an original work don't know what they're getting.
"That is the fun and the challenge and the risk of it all," Simmons said.
She was inspired by Toronto's Vendart project, where artists wheel around a pink fridge and encourage people to take pieces free of charge, and Montreal's Distroboto project, which sells art for $2 from cigarette machines.

American artist Clark Whittington likely originated the vending machine art movement with his Art-o-mat machine, Simmons noted. Started in 1997, Art-o-mat operates 82 machines throughout the U.S.
Simmons said the Outsider Art moniker makes fun of the idea that everyone needs to think outside of the box. It also references the outsider art movement of artists who are primarily self-taught.

Ruby Dog's Art House at 4738 Main St., which sells recycled and new arts and crafts paraphernalia, is the first Vancouver location to have an Outsider vending machine.
Artists involved so far are a mix of established and emerging creators. Simmons places a piece of paper inside each box naming the artist, his or her work and website address and a description of his or her art practice so a purchaser can contact the artist directly.
A second machine will be temporarily installed as part of Earth: the World Urban Festival at the Great Northern Way Campus, 555 Great Northern Way, June 21 to 25.

The Petri Dish shop and gallery at 2406 Main St. should have a machine installed by mid-July. It's also hosting art-making workshops June 15 and 20.

Those wanting to submit their work must pay a one-time $15 to $25 fee. Artists receive $2 of the sale price while the machine's host and the project each receive $1. "You're not going to create a living from this but it's a good way to get your art out there, small works of art, in a different way," Simmons said.
She will vet submissions, aiming to distribute high quality work suitable to all ages and to help artists tweak their work.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Going On's with Outsider Art In A Box.....

Hail Sister & Fellow Artists;
Haven't had a chance to post as Outsider Art In A Box is taking alot of my focus which is a very postive thing as its getting a life of its own..

A Reminder That Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machine will be installed at June 21-25 check it out.. My Thanx to the artists that have stepped forward to put art in at this venue.. I actually have even been making some small works in between repurposing a vending machine.

Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machines is in the news above pic you see Dan from the Vancouver Courier,he came over yesterday to take some pics of art and vending machine.. The Article will be in Vancouver Courier Wednesday or Friday.Like most people i detest having my pic taken..

CBC Radio also interviewed me and i will let you know when that will be aired.

Another Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machine will be installed at The Petri Dish in early July 2006...Jackie is also hosting workshops (see below) for Artwork for Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machines U Rock Jackie!!!

Friends + Artists,
There is a project happening in Vancouver called Outsider Art in a Box, which is designed to sell small works of art in vending machines. The first vending machine has been put up at Ruby Dog's Art House on Main St. If you put $4 in the vending machine you get back a piece of art! What a great idea. This is a fantastic way to spread art around Vancouver, a great way to advertise your art and a great way to get people that may not know much about the art in Vancouver to get to know it. There are a couple vending machines being prepared to go up as we speak. This includes one in The Petri Dish!!! and one at the World Urban Fair.

The Petri Dish is offering workshops to people that would like to participate in this crazy and fantastic idea. The workshops will provide you with art supplies to create work for the vending machines. You can make as many pieces as you would like in 3 hours.

All materials are provided . This includes art supplies, registration forms, an info package about Outsider Art in a Box and the boxes to put your work in for the vending machines. The workshop also provides fun and encouragement from the other people there! Artists of all ages are welcome. This is a great opportunity to involve your child in an amazingly cool art project.

The money that is made on the vending machines is divided like so: $2 - artist$1 - venue$1 - Outsider Art in a box (for vending machine upkeep and to keep the project going)To submit art to the vending machines there is a one time only submission fee. Outsider Art is asking for $15 - $25 (sliding scale) to help get the project going. However , if you come to one of the workshops held at The Petri Dish you will pay $15 for the workshop and that will include your one time submission fee. That is a great deal!

The workshops will be held on the following days at The Petri Dish 2406 Main St:
Sunday June 11th from 6-9pm
Tuesday June 13th from 6-9pm
Thursday June 15th from 6-9pm
Tuesday June 20th from 6-9pm

You must call in advance to book your spot. Call 604-876-3060. There is a limited number of people per workshop. For more information visit I hope to hear from everyone soon! Have a great day!

Jackie Dives--
The Petri Dish2406 Main StreetVancouver, BCV5T 3E2www.thepetridish.ca604-876-3060

I was one of the sponsors for a performance event last night called four writers and a was a kewl venue and the turnout was great,I am very Happy for my Friend Baron who organized and particpated in this event.

The neato buttons above are from Jackie owner/operator/artist of The Petri Dish

Well its been a slice.. lots to do today...

May The Creative Force Be With You!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Full Of Graditude

Hey All;
I been taking some much needed time out these many days...

I am glad the first machine is up and Thank -you for the feedback..speaking of thanx a project like this is not just about me,without the support and encouragement i received Outsider Art In A Box would not be..

My Graditiude List:

The Artists in the first machine @ Ruby Dog's Art House

Anne Blackwell
Kathy Braun
Krystin Goodsell
Nicca Battilana

My partner Bev who picked me up many times as i faced challenges,joy,insight,lessons & Blessings in beginning this project but she believed in me when i was unable to...Thanx Bev!!

My Ra Ra Rhonda Team.....

Cindy Erskine(made box template,Thank-You ,Thank-You for all your awesome support)
Jody Max
Megan Parkman & Joanne
Elaine & Shirley
Patty Zettel
Heather Knox
Greg Kemp(Awesome Handy Man)
Garry Gardner (My Art Mentor)
Cal Turner(My Bro)
Laurie Rossner( Boxmaker extradoinare)
Kathy Braun
Adam Walsh(Tech Guy)
Amir(Tech Guy)
Walter( Thanx for selling me the vending machines)
Grammar Printing
Canadian Tire
Ruby Dog's Art House
Nicki K. (awesome consulant)
Lynne Anderson
Luchia Feman

I am sorry if i forgot to add you but please know that I Thank-You

Yes i still need art ongoing..Please Apply ...Yes there is a submission fee on sliding scale if you are interested let me know if you are unable to afford fee i don't bite..........Talk To Me or Call me 604-439-2449

Be A Great Day