Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Flow and Ebb of Creativity......

Hail Creative Ones;
This is brief as i am on school assignment deadlines..Monday was my second collage class with Famous Empty Sky and let me tell ya she has an awesome way of creatively pushing us and my experience was being in my bliss of creativity..

Its funny how things present themselves when its time,this hands on art course came at time when i was questioning myself as an artist and my purpose. I gotta
tell ya that this brief time in this class has given me a tremendous boost and i'm feeling good!!!

The above pics are from Mondays class,yep finger painting again in fact it will be the last time so i embraced it to the fullest and the first pic are some of my papers i painted the other pics are the participants creations and some of our class tools.

Hmm where i am going with this ,well my artistic journey the past year since i took on Outsider Art In A Box ,what a ride its been i'm still bumping along here.

I've learned so much about myself and continue so...Say is Life..Well i am off to take part in the blue skies and shining sun plus do homework...

Let today be a creative day!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Creative Kickstart

Good Morning;
Its a beauty day in the Art Hood!!! Blue skies a little chill in the air but all is well. I went to my first art class last night and wow talk about hands on,the first thing we did was get our hands dirty,yep finger painting 101 does that bring back memories as
a there i was my hands were a rainbow of colors and having a blast moving colors around let me tell u,my kid was rocking in the color world!!!

Take a look at our plastic garbage bag aprons pretty funky eh!!!! The class consists of 15 people and is already pretty lively. The focus is a good thing for me right now a balance between heavy duty school work and now a creative focused course... can we say full plate.....

Well i am off to class people so have an awesome creative filled day!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Top Of The Day To Ya........................

Happy New Year Creative Ones;
Yes i am here living large in my creative world....The holidays were a blur but very enjoyed. As i glance at my day timer i see all the full squares for places,people and places that require my time and energy over the next several months.

I am taking a Post Graduate course called Building Better Communities(Art and Social Justice),i began a while back and its a challenge as an artist as well the heavy theory component. I am also taking a 9 week hands on Collage course with Famous Empty Sky at Britannia Community Center(there is still space) this starts on Monday as well as i will be facilitating an Art Party, details to follow here on the blog within the next few days.

I've noticed my own lack of creative interest and felt i needed to kickstart it so the hands on art course is a beginning. Having the time off over the holidays allowed me to reflect over Outsider. I have not truly played a part in Outsider as an artist but more of the administrator which kicks the creative stuffing right out of ya,so with this collage course i am taking on the role of artist again,i got to tell ya i feel giddy with the excitement and possibilities.

The pic above is two of my fave things drinking tea and reading..i discovered this mug in my thrift store travels and it called to me to take it home this is my fave second mug that gives me a boost in the early am as a kick off to my day.

Keep The Arts Alive Support your local Artists!!!

Good to see you all again....I will post about the upcoming Art Party Stay Tuned..

In Artistic Solidarity;