Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Outsider!!!

Merry Meet;
Today Outsider is one year old today!!! hard to believe that an idea has become a true reality its been quite the journey , truly i and the project continue to emerge.

Thank -You to the Artists
Thank-You to the Host Locations
Thank-You to the Supporters
Thank-You to friends,families,partners

I have learned alot about myself through this process and know that there is still a whole lot of learning to come.. The studio will be an asset to Outsider and our followers.

Outsider will have an open house to celebrate the new digs and our Birthday Please mark your calendars for June 9/2007 more details to follow.

Ok a contest to celebrate today...hmmmmm

The Winner will receive Three awesome pieces of Outsiders popular bestsellers
Please put your name in the comment section and i will draw a name on Sunday my birthday and post the winner here on Monday.....

Its almost moving day and lots to do yet..

May the creative force be with you today!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Good Morrow;
Behold another sun filled outside day.. Last night my partner and I moved the Outsider Vending Machines to their new location the studio..I have to pinch myself at moments to know that this is real(happy dance).

Above is a pic of three laptops there was one more laptop but that was being used elsewhere in the house. It was all technology on deck when our friends were here, but the neat thing that came out of it was the networking we did among ourselves face to face and through the computers sharing resources,computer skills& upgrades it rocked and naturally my head came away with loads of new ideas.

I am grateful now that my laptop and house is all wireless and i can be on the go (Thank -You Kathy &Hans)

Computers are only a part of the networking process being body present is very important also. Artists find the balance between the two and for me having a studio outside of home allows access in diverse ways to the outside world.

Well People i am going out into the day!!!

May the creative force be with you......

In Artistic Solidarity;

Monday, May 28, 2007

Unlocking Potential...............

Hail Art Beings;
I send u warm blessings from Outsider Central...Its been a busy time full of frolic and work.Dear Friends from Calgary were hanging out here at Outsider for the past week and sadly they are winding their way back home today. Cathy and Bella the Mother/Daughter creative duo are big supporters and contributors of Outsider.
The time spent together was wonderful brainstorming and bouncing ideas around, my head runneth over but i feel so creatively filled up.

Today I picked up keys to the studio YAHOO and Saturday morning is moving time.. The schedule for the studio is posted and i invite u to come on down and partake of an Art Party. (click on it)

I am unlocking my potential by stepping out and embracing my dream of having a studio again its been around 4 years in making do working with limited space, but its time as Outsider has truly been a wonderful teacher pushing,encouraging,growing my potential. I tell ya its all good!!!

Ok moving right along with the above pics..Kathy bought some new coffee condoms( these are fluff free for u men out there) to put in the machines,she like alot of u does not enjoy pic taking of themselves.
Bella is working hard on the darn it dolls above while hanging out.

K time to sign off and say so long farewell.

Please stay tuned as posts will be updated frequently over the next little bit as transitions take place.

In Artistic Solidarity;

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Outsider Is On The Move................

Well Artful Ones;
I have thrilling news to share.....Outsider is moving into new Digs , yep its true i have been setting on it for a bit as i waited for the final nod!!! Check out the pics above.

So New Digs u say.....ok its in a beautiful heritage building downtown eastside ,the space is expansive around 2500 sq feet..

This is a big step for Outsider and myself as i will have the space to spread out and create away..

The space will be shared with so i will be present on the weekends creating, facilitating diverse workshops, drop ins ,etc

As of June 1st/2007

Outsider Art In A Box has a new Studio location come and see us in real time, Our studio is located in the heart of downtown eastside directly across from the Woodwards Site ,Many changes are taking place in this area.

Our Address is:

150 West Hastings
V6P 1Z6
Phone: 604-439-2449

Please Stay tuned for upcoming Summer Workshops and our 1 Year Old Birthday Celebration!!!

Well i am off to pack up and get ready to move into the studio...............

In Artistic Solidarity;

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Now I know My A,B,C's...............Peek-A-Boo

A beautiful day in the neighborhood yahoo!! Last week i received some new art work for Outsider and i gotta tell ya the small works are awesome. Thanx to Mary Jane H for her awesome Creative Expression.

These little beauties are called World Books in
miniature, each letter of the alphabet are totally fashioned throughout these little works. the detail is something to see and its a limited series folks, above i have put pics of the letter B

Mary Jane has been a wonderful support for Outsider Art In A Box from the early days when i was looking for Artists.. Thank-You SOOOOOOOOOO much Mary Jane for your creativity and your support its very appreciated thanx for coming along for the ride.

Please remember that Artist Of The Month is being showcased at Ruby Dog's Art House

Interested in becoming Artist of The Month drop me a line or two....

The Year Anniversary is upcoming for Outsider and i am at a loss as how to celebrate the journey Any Ideas????

Well people enjoy the beautiful day!!!
Rock on in the creative world

In Artistic Solidarity;

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Peek A Boo At May's Artist Of The Month

Greetings All;
Here is Christine Lazar posing with her creative treasures that she created for Ruby Dogs Art Vending Machine. Recounting,Artists of the month will be featured at this machine location. The Month of May i am pleased to feature Christine. Looking at the above pics are some of the goodies that can be vended. Please note that there is a limited number and the price for all Artist of the month features is $6.00 (update and change from last post)some of the monies will be be donated to Ruby Dog's Art House Fave Charity.

Did you know that Outsider Art In A Box will be a year old at the end of this month,where has the time gone????

I have some new Peek-A-Boo's upcoming this week.

Reese will back on board this week plowing into a big project i have laid out for her..

Create On People

In Artistic Solidarity;