Monday, March 17, 2008


Good Morrow Creatives;
I had good intentions of writing here in blog land and it kept getting put off so here i am...The above pics are the last of my collage class with empty sky and that quality time has been missed,i feel at a loss as it kept me focused on the creativity at hand.

Taking a course is a great way to experiment,challenge and incorporate diverse approaches into ones artful expression.I must say i am looking at pushing some limits in my own art.

The first pic is a book we created the book was blank so i played with bees wax as texture,i love the color and the central theme of balance & peace. The remaining pics are empty sky facilitating our last class.I will be around a bit more the rest of month so check in..

Have a creative day ,Try it you will like it

In Artistic Solidarity;

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