Friday, March 16, 2007

Makes It All Worth It.......................

Sometimes as an Artist one never knows how creativity affects the masses per say.
As this project moves forward, i hear what i could be doing more of or better and then there are the times like a couple of days ago when i received a wonderful email(below) where someone took the time to let the artist know that a project is pretty awesome and those jewels of support are such a welcome sparkley surprise.. Create Your Way is a mantra that i interact with on a daily basis as an artist being in and of the world.Before the project began i was searching for a path to follow creatively,its funny how i jumped into Art Vending somewhat blind but now i see lol lol

I am very grateful for Reese's weekly help her insight is refreshing and is a a great way for me to see other ways to approach different aspects of Outsider.

There is alot going on behind the scenes and i hope to share that with you all soon. I am getting outside interest in my own personal work and am focusing on some commissions. I am off to Tofino but wanted to stop in to say hi...have an awesome weekend....

I'm really enjoying the art I got from the Outsider Art In A Box :
The pin with the chalkboard paint that you can write on with the tapered chalk that you made.
Dolly Rocker doll from I have her hanging on my fridge.
Nicci Battilana cool vinyl bracelet with snaps on it.
I scanned them as I told you and put them on my Picture Trail album and just got back some comments from members of the Rubberstamping Together (RST) email group I belong to and thought I would forward them to you.
Barb, remember when you said you bought an art piece out of a
machine??? Well on the Rachel Ray show this morning they talked about
it. Apparently someone bought up a bunch of old cigarette machines and
they are all over the U.S. and I guess Canada too. All sorts of art is
in them and Rachel "bought" a mini painting of a goat today. Just
thought that was ironic that you had just mentioned it and here it was
on Rachel Ray.

I remember when these first came out. They take submissions from people for
artwork. here's a link that tells about it.


The other comments are in reference to Art-O-Mat, although they dialogue and comment on the US project people are still very aware of Art Vending. Thank You Barb for your kind letter.

In Artistic Solidarity;

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nicci said...

Hi Barb,

I am so glad you are enjoying one of my hand made bracelets.

Thank you for posting this in your blog.