Monday, July 02, 2007

Create Your Way...................

Good Morrow...........
I hope the weekend was full of rest,relaxation and for u creatives loads of expression. After last week being a tad down and unsure where Outsider is calling home,i decided to get over it and just go with the flow and flow i did this weekend.

I received beautiful unexpected blessings and lessons...
Unfortunately i never made it to the studio this weekend the intention was there but the flow was taking me elsewhere but thats why i am up early this beautiful Monday so i can make a creative dash and create while i have the space...

So the pic above is a story i would love to share about flowing. Thursday Night the phone rang and someone was going on about i wasn't sure what and i assumed it was a pesky telemarketer i was just about to blow them off when i heard Outsider Art In A Box mentioned, hmmm my ears perked up and i tuned in...Well it so happens that Molly Clark(on end of phone) a producer for a Art Series out of the USA was surfing on the web and came across Outsider Art In A Box and they would like to interview me on their way to Alaska.

Well needless to say i was in my art centre and my mood increased tenfold,maybe life didn't suck after all lol lol

So it was arranged for Saturday as they were coming from Seattle...Well Saturday dawned and the beauty day called forth and so onward i went flowing... it was an awesome day spent with fabo friends,loads of spontaneous events took place and there i was right in the middle of it... Well early afternoon came about and no call from Artland yet??? My friend and i were still hanging and she was in need of food our location was on beautiful Main St.

I suggested several places that were very crowded and so i finally said we gotta go to Sollys that place rocked and we could sit and and enjoy the outside tables. So there i sit at Sollys with the perfect Outside seat taking it all in, when suddenly i see this oversize RV turning left in huge letters and very colorful written on the Rv ARTLAND!!!

Imagine my surprise and i am thinking wow and then hey i am supposed to get interviewed,well they roll to a stop in front of Sollys i go up and knock introduce myself to Claire part of the production team of Artland, So she explains to me that the cameraman was unable to cross the boarder and so everything was set back but they would be in touch and still would be interested in the interview,Molly Clark who spoke to me on the phone was also back in Seattle trying to problem solve so that their cameraman could continue the journey.

For more info about ARTLAND .................WWW.ARTLANDUSA.TV

So that was an bonus part of my day on Saturday, it always amazes when one door closes other windows and doors open.. If anything i know of this weekend that Outsider will continue to live and be part of my journey,this public art project has taken me down many roads inside of self and outside in the real world..

Thank-You for those that stuck with me through the growing pains its been damn appreciated let me tell you!!! and hey if you are stopping in here leave me a comment say hi!!! I love to hear from those that stop by..

Well my people its time to sign off and jump into another day of adventure and some unknowns..

Create On!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

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Krystin Goodsell said...

Congratulations! That's VERY exciting!

On another note: have to get my art to you. What days work for you?

PS: feel free to plug me to ARTLAND :)