Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ask What??????????

The studio has been a busy spot since i moved in, Sunday was a singles womyns Art Party alot of neat stuff came out of it...I love this particular card that was created by a particpant and it just touched me little did i know how impacting it would be.

Yesterday i got a call from my studio mate giving notice that the studio will be no more!!! yep u heard i thought with organizing other artists would enable me to keep the space. Then another curve was thrown my way the rent of $1400 would be going up to $2800 and so the studio is not attainable at that price even with artists... So i am sad trying to suck it up and move on.....Moving on to where i don't know.

I am putting it out there for a large live/work space in Vancouver!!! Please if u do live in Vancouver keep your eyes and ears open as i am handy and can do somethings to make it my own. Its funny things truly were in Launch mode and people were supportive of the happenings at the studio. So ask the card says ASK???

I am Asking help me to find Outsider a settled home...affordable!!!

Thanx people...

In Artistic Solidarity;

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K.G. said...

Rhonda! I am so incredibly saddened by your news! But I will keep my fingers crossed that another space (an even BETTER space) will come to fruition.