Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Small Spaces & Artist Of The Month

Hello My Creative Ones;
Yes i live and breathe....After a short break and transition here i be...I have moved home and studio together in a very funky area of Vancouver BC...

I am now living in a small space which is a given when living in the city and your on an Artists budget..The first pic above is my art wall in my small space..

Outsider is tucked in storage and boxes while i put it back together again and look for studio space that has a tad more of a permanent feeling. I could write my own Artists Survivor series...

Artist Of The Month is Andrea Flaa and u can find her kewl creative expression in small from the art vending machine and some truly funky large pieces at Ruby Dog's Art House check it,above is a sample of her work....Enjoy and please support the arts!!!

Hey Good to be back blogging to ya

In Artistic Solidarity;


Caffeinated Crafts said...

Great to see you back online!!!
Hope all is well.

Miss you lots!!!


K.G. said...

HOORAY! You're back!!!!

Now I gotta go back and have a better look at the pics, was just so happy to 'see' you again :)