Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Pattern Pieces Of Life......

Merry Meet;
Can u believe its almost September, Hmm i wonder is my clock spinning faster than usual.Life continues to unfold here at Outsider Central as i put one foot in front of another. I truly have been on a long break and continued evaluation of the project. I am slowly getting back into creativity as somewhere i lost the will of creative expression it just up and left. Slowly i feel that deep within voice and feeling of creative expression in me but i need to be gentle for fear of losing it again.

Yesterday i got overwhelmed with a creative burst of energy and i nudged it into a slow motion action,a small hall wall was calling out for an identity of its own,wallpaper came to mind but what??? i glanced around my space and there was my whole case of pattern pieces calling to be put on the wall it was a very fitting exercise of emotional and creative exploration.As each piece of the pattern had its place and refused to be slapped into place without some thought.

Unfortunately i was unable to get a decent picture of the patterned wall but i will keep on trying...My dear friend Cindy E. bought me a new digital camera as a belated birthday gift so that i could continue to go forward in my life and capture my creative expression. Thank-You Cindy for your support of me and my art!!!

Well people i wanted to pop in and say hi...Have an awesome day

In Artistic Solidarity;


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K.G. said...

Rest assured, the will of creative expression never actually runs away. It just likes to play a really good round of hide and go seek every now and again.

Sooner or later it will spontaneously leap from its hiding spot deep in the corners of your subconscious.

peace and healing friend