Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Gifts Of Creative Xpression

Happy Solstice Blessings;
Its beginning to look alot like celebrations are a brewing....People ask me do i like Christmas and yeah babies i do!!! actually what i like is celebrations that happen through out the year and creating my own celebrations which i have gone ahead an done this year for Winter Solstice ...My year has been challenging many loses but then there have been new beginnings so ya see it all balances out in the end is the way i see it. I choose to see the good stuff even when i am sad at times.

Posting has gotten lost in life these days with school deadlines an all,I will be working on a big assignment over the holidaze no rest for this artist ok ok a couple of days lol lol.

The pictures are stories in themselves....The Solstice card is one i made this year to send out i love collage...

Are ya trying to think of a funky gift to give what about an Art Subscription to Outsider Art In A Box..Check out how easy it is ,look in the right side bar and click away. For the past couple of weeks i have been at the post office sending subscriptions for Outsider thus far Australia is the furthest.

I have had the pleasure to soak up art events and last week was the Vancouver Art Gallery seeing the Georgia O'Keefe Exhibit.(Thanx Lynne) I also went to a local artist opening at the Radha Yoga and Eatery on Main St,what a kewl space..the artist i saw is Famous Empty Sky i love her work and will be taking a workshop from her in the new year.

I also went to a dinner party where creativity reigns throughout the space and the owner herself is a each of our plates was a cute stash of chocolate. Sweet eh!!!

Well i am off as i am on a deadline for an assignment that should have been in last week oops... i will be taking a break tonight to go on a dinner cruise to see the xmas carol boats and lights(more pics to come)

So come on create your celebration!!! I would love to hear how u do up your celebrations leave a comment

Art On

In Artistic Solidarity;


K.G. said...

You are gonna LOVE the Famous Empty Sky workshop! She is such a whirlwind creative tornado of imagination, spontaneity, and expression. I just love sitting by her side, the vibe is contagious.

Of course, when Steve met her, he had to mock the name, by introducing himself as Steve Big Nose Goodsell. Hmmm, that didn't go over quite so well.

Creative Wishes during your Solstice Celebrations!


artjunkie said...

CHECK OUT these prints by subversive British artist ALI HENDRICK!!