Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice one and all..........
Winter Solstice also known as Yule, Christmas, and Saturnalia, occurs in mid December. It celebrates the birth of the new Solar year and the beginning of Winter. Colors are Red, Green, and White. This is a festival of inner renewal.
The Winter Solstice is unique among days of the year — the time of the longest night and the shortest day. The dark triumphs but only briefly. For the Solstice is also a turning point. From now on (until the Summer Solstice, at any rate), the nights grow shorter and the days grow longer, the dark wanes and the Sun waxes in power. From the dark womb of the night, the light is born.

Winter Solstice is my celebration for this time of the year and so i've been bringing solstice in a big way,last night i organized a cookie drop in, great turn out 14 womyn with many sweets in hand and then tonight off to a solstice party. The pics above is a funky mirror hanging in my office kewl eh!!! Yes that is the cookie table early evening it got fuller. Well dear readers i am signing off now until the New Year .......Happy Holidaze from Mi Casa Su Casa.

In Artistic Solidarity;

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Caffeinated Crafts said...

Ooooo!! Cookies!!!!
Happy Solstice!!
Missing you!