Friday, February 15, 2008

Hail Creatives;
Another full day here at Outsider Central...I didn't make it to my art class on Monday so not much to report on that creative front, but i would like to share,encourage you to take a look at Empty Sky's Art Show that is upcoming this weekend. Click on the invitation above it will give all the details.

I am catching up on some very overdue reading for my course work,naturally i am distracted by other things going on that eat up my time but no complaints here as i love the spontaneity of my day to day life. Next week i am finally going to tackle grouting my mosaic counter top i made its more than overdue i will post pics when i am done. Its Friday in my hood and i am going to commit some time to my course as i will finish soon..Have an awesome weekend..Take a step to the creative side...

Till we meet again;

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