Monday, June 05, 2006

Full Of Graditude

Hey All;
I been taking some much needed time out these many days...

I am glad the first machine is up and Thank -you for the feedback..speaking of thanx a project like this is not just about me,without the support and encouragement i received Outsider Art In A Box would not be..

My Graditiude List:

The Artists in the first machine @ Ruby Dog's Art House

Anne Blackwell
Kathy Braun
Krystin Goodsell
Nicca Battilana

My partner Bev who picked me up many times as i faced challenges,joy,insight,lessons & Blessings in beginning this project but she believed in me when i was unable to...Thanx Bev!!

My Ra Ra Rhonda Team.....

Cindy Erskine(made box template,Thank-You ,Thank-You for all your awesome support)
Jody Max
Megan Parkman & Joanne
Elaine & Shirley
Patty Zettel
Heather Knox
Greg Kemp(Awesome Handy Man)
Garry Gardner (My Art Mentor)
Cal Turner(My Bro)
Laurie Rossner( Boxmaker extradoinare)
Kathy Braun
Adam Walsh(Tech Guy)
Amir(Tech Guy)
Walter( Thanx for selling me the vending machines)
Grammar Printing
Canadian Tire
Ruby Dog's Art House
Nicki K. (awesome consulant)
Lynne Anderson
Luchia Feman

I am sorry if i forgot to add you but please know that I Thank-You

Yes i still need art ongoing..Please Apply ...Yes there is a submission fee on sliding scale if you are interested let me know if you are unable to afford fee i don't bite..........Talk To Me or Call me 604-439-2449

Be A Great Day

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