Friday, June 30, 2006

Yeah Baby!!!

Besides Outsider Art In A Box i also pursue my own creativity on a larger scale. I like to work with found objects that had a past life, in this case the past life of this piece was a retail display item i just jazzed it up a bit....

Yo Creative Ones!!!!
its good to be back in Vancouver, New Brunswick was awesome the weather was great and it was good to catch up with family and friends..

Thank -You Thank-You to all that have particpated in Outsider Art In A Box....Earth Urban festival went well and Outsider Art In A Box was embraced and sold out over the 5 days...Thats lots of creativity!

Outsider Art In A Box is going live on

Breakfast Television On Tuesday July 4th,2006 somewhere
between 7:15 am-8:30 am....
Check It Out

The Petri Dish is a drop off for Outsider Art In A Box,Please drop off your artwork,forms,submission fee..

The Petri Dish
2406 Main Street

Tuesday-Thursday- 11-6
Friday- 11-8
Saturday- 11-6
Sunday- 12-5

Hey Hey its the long weekend and i am outta here ,just got unpacked to repack..gotta love free time.

Enjoy the Sun(wear sunscreen) I'll be back

In Artistic Solidarity;


nicci said...

So glad you are back!!!

Do you need any bracelets for breakfast television?

Nicci B

Anonymous said...

I really would love to see an art box in White Rock by the beach and think that Violette's little Altoid box idols wold be a perfect addition.