Saturday, June 17, 2006


I am off tomorrow for a much needed rest,going home to Fredericton,New Brunswick... I recommend a trip to all to the Maritimes its a beautiful part of Canada.

The Outsider Art In A Box will be installed at the UrbanFestival check it out from June 21-25 there are lots of goodies in this machine i was able to create a few things chalkboard necklaces, mini atc kits and domino pins. Artist friend Cindy has made up sushi candles.

The Petri Dish is holding workshops for those who may be interested in creating work for Outsider Art In a Box,Also Petri Dish is holding a fundraiser lots of music...check the dish blog out for more info

I will be checking email throughout my travels,patience as it may take me a little while to get back to you....Bring on the Artwork!!!!

Is anybody there reading my ramblings..leave a word or two at the bottom of this post....Comments...............

Have and Art-Full Day!!


Kathy said...

Hey Rhonda!
I'm reading! Have a wonderful and well deserved vacation!

gahlil said...

Hello & congratulations on your great idea! I would like more information about participating in the box! I am an artist living in Trail making ATCs; wearable pins; etc.

Good Luck in your endeavor.

Anonymous said...

So love what you are doing and the acknowledgement you are getting for all your hard work and passion.

Look forward to seeing you on TV