Saturday, September 23, 2006

Strolling On The Creative Path...

How Do Creative Ones????
They say that time does fly and i gotta tell ya i'm believing it...I see there has been a gap in posts oops.

Above is some funky pics,it was my time out yesterday and so i went to pick up some custom stamps that i had ordered. Aww Vancouver has some really kewl places to moving right i go to 1000 Parker St which is this old warehouse building that has four floors of artists studios, its like a maze in there the hallways are not very exiciting but behind the closed doors are all sorts of wonder and eye candy.

Making my way to the fourth floor i arrived at my destination unsure what was behind studio 430....I knocked and entered into a large open space that is shared by three artists, yesterday (friday) was a blue sky day and the exception in this studio was windows and the light was pouring in dancing throughout the space.

I was in love and in my glory in the studio energy of all that creativity..
I arrived!!!!!

Claudia owner/operator of Purple Orange Arts has a very noticeable presence in this space... Its hard to take everything in the first time around..Claudia's Space showcases her many expressions of creativity, Business was taken care of very quickly so i could mosey round and ask questions about this and that.

I love my stamps that i ordered three of them,they will come in handy and i am very pleased.. i gotta tell ya people two thumbs up, there are all sorts of uses for a stamp....I felt that i met a creative kindred soul in Claudia.

Claudia will be a particpating Artist in Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machines,she will be making some mini stamps......Welcome Aboard Claudia

Claudia facilitates a diverse range of workshops and a couple that i would like to shout out about is her book making the above book pic is a workshop that she does with kids in schools kewl eh...well i want to do a book for my daughter so i am organizing some people so that we can make personal books.

The other one is the funky doll the name of the workshop is sensory awareness which is about movement then translated to the doll..i really liked putting the two together dance and a doll.

So for anyone that is interested in creating work for Outsider Art In A Box,the next big show for the art vending machines is the Interior and Home Design Show
at BC Place October 13-15. The deadline for your creativity is October 7/2006

I feel that i have been yapping or is it typing your ears and eyes off lol lol

Check out Claudia's Website

May the creative force be with you..

TTFN (ta ta for now)

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