Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hopping Along..............

Yesterday i had the pleasure to attend a friends graduation at the University Of Victoria,my friend graduated with a Bachelor Of Social Work Degree.

I was quite taken with the Victoria BC outdoor campus as it was full of bunny rabbits all different colors and sizes hopping about.

At times i feel very much like these bunnies as i hop about on the creative path,taking little nibbles here and there. There is always something to keep me creatively focused...

At this time i am preparing for the upcoming Culture Crawl November 24-26 as two machines will be hosted at Purple Orange Arts Studio,yep u read right two machines more on the second machine coming in near future posts.

I received an email the other day and it was pointed out that i did not have the art vending locations posted on my site quite an oversight on my part but has now been attended to ,please note locations will be posted here on the blog on the right hand side.

well its a rainy day and i as i look at my to do u in list..its time to say so long farewell for now i shall return!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

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