Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Crawl,Snow & Art

Hello Snow People;
Well the Culture Crawl was a blast and again i suggest it for those of u for next year that didn't have a chance to make it .
On Friday night i was at 1000 Parker Studios,the halls and studios were packed with people by 7:00pm,the highlight of Friday night was the whole building was without lights for a bit of time now if u have never been in this building it was a total trip i was very grateful to not have been in motion in one of the stairwells or trying to get around in the hallways.

The bright spot was though that Purple Orange Arts had lights so many packed in there... I saw some awesome art expression on Friday..that building normally i stay away from on the crawl but getting there early on Friday and watching setup and then people coming in was fun. Remember Triana that i spoke about as she is Outsider Art In A Box youngest contributor well she had a table outside of moms studio and i am so thrilled for her she sold all her art this weekend!! its great to see people supporting a young emerging artist.

Saturday was another crawl day,we started off at the ARC building 1701 Powell
i love this space in all its pure funkyness!!! they have monthly tours i believe and its well worth checking this building out... The spaces are live/work plus there are workshops studios in the basement and a cafe for the public as well as people who live in building. Again i was taken with the art i saw there. all in all i truly enjoyed my art-full weekend and its so inspiring i got a ton of ideas to experiment with..

And that brings us in conclusion to the snow out there,i must say i honestly thought it would have moved on by now...but i am chalking it up now as an artisitc study(yeah right)

Well snow people stay warm and don't forget a hat!!!

Have a faboo Day!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

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