Sunday, November 05, 2006

Stepping Out.....

On Friday night we went to see Bruce Cockburn at the centre,my partner Bev won the tickets on clear Fm radio,it was quite a surprise and the concert was awesome we had excellant seats. I truly love the smaller venues and know that i am way past wanting to be with thousands of people to catch a glimpse for lots of dollars.

It was my first experience being at the centre,the acoustics were awesome!!! this smaller venue offered a whole lot and i gotta tell ya old Bruce still captures an audience.

The above machine will go through a big transformation this week...This is the orignal Outsider Art In A Box machine that had its debut way back in May,i remember the vision i had for this machine and it came into being,along the way it was suggested to have different looking machines i had to really work through that as i wanted to hold fast to my vision,however like all things visions change and today i am happy to say that the diversity in the machines creative outlook has been a bonus.

My posts have certainly been sparse these days and i want to say sorry bout that,i am feeling and being very creative now and taking full advantage of the high.

I also pursue other creative paths so Outsider is a part of the journey.. I always welcome your creative expression to put in a box..

Have A Creative Filled Day!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

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