Monday, February 05, 2007

Wanted: A New Home

This is the newest machine that was created by Claudia Segovia of Purple Orange Arts.

isn't it cute and fun!!! this machine has no home yet but what i would like to fill this machine with is kids art yep made by young would be neat to have it reside at a space t
hat kids of all ages go to,so i am open to ideas.....

Next Week Outsider will be revealing another machine that will be going to its new home on February 14th/07 . I received another dose of the flu last week so my apologies for lack of posting.
There are some fab developments here at Outsider Central and will be revealed soon.

Well Creative Ones not much to say today but wanted to show off this funky machine. Thanx to all the artists that have added their creativity to the Outsider Art Vending Machines inside and out each one is unique and most certainly showcases the artists creativity and alot of talent. Outsider is diverse in each and every machine and for me that is what and more that this project is all about. Thanx to each and every one of you and for your creativity.

Rock On In The Creative World!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

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