Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Darnit, Darnit,Darnit

How Do???
I wanted to show some more of the diverse creative expression that the newest contributor has sent into Outsider Art In A Box.

In the previous posting peek-a-boo Bella was introduced and some examples of her creativity. This particular piece to the right is one of my faves and this is a great example of work that can be enjoyed by all ages. I may ask Bella to make more of these Darn It Dolls so that they can go also in go in the other Outsider Art Vending Machines. Please Click on it so that you can read about the use of the Darn It Doll Ya gotta love it!!!

There are some new branches a brewing here at Outsider Central please stay tuned!!!

Have a Creative Filled Day....

Creativity Rocks;

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krystin said...

Tooooo funny!!!