Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hello Hello One and all,
Sorry, I'm running out of catchy greetings. Reese here, of course, with a wee update. It is my distinct pleasure to unveil our latest project and one of our pioneering artists involved. Our newest box will be art for children by other young people. We are currently in need of young artists to fill it, as well as a location, although we have one place that we have our eye on.

Anyway, here is one of our gifted young artists. She has written her own bio below, and there are pics of her work . Its so awesome to see someone so young following their artistic passions.
( Must be the homeschooling;)


Hi! I am Bella.
I am an 11 year old kid from Alberta.
I have been homeschooled all my life.
I love to work with my hands and to try all different kinds of crafts.
Besides crafting, I love to rock climb and skateboard.
I love monkeys and one day want to volunteer in Borneo to help save the orangutans.

Be Weird!!!

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Anonymous said...


I have seen her work and have had the pleasure of being a receiver of some of Isabella's art & I have to say all of it is creative, delightful, fun, colourfull, and inspirational. Welcome to Outsider Art in a Box