Monday, April 16, 2007

ALL That!!!!

Hello; Hello;
Yes it is I,I am alive and kicking here at Outsider Central...I am still in the cycle of healing and its very slow and challenging as i had expectations that all would be well in a few weeks after surgery HA! well i am going on four weeks and there is still alot more that has to heal yet...

I am slowly beginning to get back on track with Outsider Art In A u know that our year anniversary is upcoming the end of May..yeah wow the time has just flown.

Please stay tuned over the next couple of days as there is wonderful collaboration coming up with Outsider which i am very pumped about.

I am often asked as to where my creative ideas come from and what i can say is getting out there and seeing different places,people and experiences.

Krystin Goodsell one of Outsiders biggest supporters and contributors had her own one women show at Libbys Kitchen on the weekend...I love Krystins work its very diverse mixed media i love her use of different materials,so people ease on down the road and check it out!!!!

The other pics are of a recent visit out to Delta to an aquaintances floathome,kewl eh..i fell in love and instantly wanted a floathome.I so love alternative live/work spaces ....i would love to hear where u live/work..

There are two resident swans at this floathome community. The floathome we were visiting had some eggs on the owners deck that had been abandoned..none of us present had any idea what bird or??? that the lost eggs belonged to.

Wanted: Outsider is seeking outside funky space to work/storage from heres the catch
we need free space we're open to a work exchange or ???????????

Bring It On

O'k people thanx for your patience here at Outsider blogland..

Rock On in the Art World


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K.G. said...

WOWZA!!!! I need a haircut.
Strange how sometimes we can deny it, until a PHOTOGRAPH comes and smacks us back into reality.

Thanks for the support! Happy ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

Creative Wishes,