Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Artist Of The Month For May 2007

Bright Blessings;
So getting right to it,i would like to bring ya into the know of whats been cooking here at Outsider Central.I am delighted to announce that in
collaboration with Ruby Dog's Art House we will be presenting Artists of the Month through Ruby Dog's. The Artists that will be showcasing their small works are known throughout creative circles.

So this may be a one time that you will be able to purchase from your favorite artist of the month for $4.00.Please note that there is limited numbers of Artists of the month Art.

Small unique works of Creative Xpression from Outsiders Artists will continue to be available in Ruby Dog's machine as well as other machines that are in Vancouver and Beyond. Thank You for supporti
ng the Arts!!!

Outsider Art In A Box & Ruby Dog's Art House Presents
Ruby Dog's Art House 4738 Main Street

Christina Lazar-Schuler

Christina Lazar-Schuler is the Owner/Creative Director of Lazar StudioWERX, a local manufacturer of fine art rubberstamps and handpainted printed papers. Christina, and her husband Terry, have created and brought their inspired line of products to the wholesale, retail and online craft markets for nearly seven years, consistently maintaining top quality products with a strong artistic vision. Lazar StudioWERX has offered their unique products to consumers through an online retail presence for years; recently, Christina has opened a small retail storefront in Vancouver with mixed media art supplier Ruby Dog's Arthouse. This unique store combines all that is cool in paper arts with vintage ephemera, collage materials, edgy/graphic papers, cool vintage/fine art inspired rubberstamps and more.

Coming from a strong graphic design and mixed media art background, Christina's paper arts style can be described as eclectic and urban; she combines 'traditional' design styles with unusual, vintage ephemera and commercially available embellishments to create pieces that are injected with modern, urban flair. Her teaching experience is rooted primarily in the mixed media realm and is excited about sharing her more 'arty' techniques with local paper artists - hoping to push them out of their creative boxes and into a place of experimentation and discovery.


Here is a sample of the original page that will be altered:

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