Friday, April 06, 2007

I was lost but now am found and Return of the Muse

Salutations Creative Ones;
Thanx for the well wishes and healings from here and personal emails...I am still in healing and will be for awhile yet but my energy is returning in a welcome manner.

I have been in a creative slump for a quite awhile and didn't get it until the last few days ,throwing in the towel was alot easier than cleaning up the mess...The mess meaning my creative space it became a dumping ground a storage room for stuff,when u begin to go down that slope u have to hit the bottom to get the big picture or more like tune in..Fear manifests itself in many forms and so the underused creative space...Creatively i have felt challenged in many ways but today i can say all those challenges are worth it as i am now ready to move forward. I still have aprox another 3 weeks of healing to go which is allowing me time to renew,reflect on my art-full journey.

Cleaning up has opened my clarity and my sense of purpose is beginning to return,i couldn't have done this without my creative support team u know who u all are and I thank you for the reality checks and kick in the ass!!!

The other awesome gift is the return of my muse her name is Taylor lovely young adult daughter who is living back in BC an hour from her old mom..Taylor from birth has been an inspiration for my creative expression and is a welcome critic of my work.

Spring has a way of waking one up and i am grateful for the new blossoms all around me...

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

In Artistic Peace;


Caffeinated Crafts said...

Hi Taylor!!
We miss you!!!!

The room looks great!!! Look at you go! I can hardly wait to see what new creations all this clearing brings!!!
You are awesome!!!!

krystin said...

Rhonda: I am soooo happy to hear that Taylor has returned to beautiful British Columbia! Who wouldn't want to live here?

As for cluttered art space, sometimes we just need to rearrange and purge, to make room for new inspirations!

Creative Wishes- and keep on healing, girl!