Thursday, May 17, 2007

Outsider Is On The Move................

Well Artful Ones;
I have thrilling news to share.....Outsider is moving into new Digs , yep its true i have been setting on it for a bit as i waited for the final nod!!! Check out the pics above.

So New Digs u say.....ok its in a beautiful heritage building downtown eastside ,the space is expansive around 2500 sq feet..

This is a big step for Outsider and myself as i will have the space to spread out and create away..

The space will be shared with so i will be present on the weekends creating, facilitating diverse workshops, drop ins ,etc

As of June 1st/2007

Outsider Art In A Box has a new Studio location come and see us in real time, Our studio is located in the heart of downtown eastside directly across from the Woodwards Site ,Many changes are taking place in this area.

Our Address is:

150 West Hastings
V6P 1Z6
Phone: 604-439-2449

Please Stay tuned for upcoming Summer Workshops and our 1 Year Old Birthday Celebration!!!

Well i am off to pack up and get ready to move into the studio...............

In Artistic Solidarity;


Caffeinated Crafts said...

AAACCCKKK!!! That is soooo cool!!! Yeah!!!! I am so proud of you and how far you have taken this!! I can hardly wait to see you!!!!


PS.Did this used to be a Chinese restaurant?? I remember having great Chinese food across from Woodwards when I worked there!!!!! (ok, that was 20 years ago LOL!!)

K.G. said...

OMG Congratulations! Wowza that is huge! Not speaking in terms of sq footage, but a real studio where people can drop by! Too cool!

Excited to see where this will lead! Don't forget about collaborative workshops> nudge, nudge :)

Much love and congratulations!

K.G. said...

Hope the move is going smoothly!