Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Good Morrow;
Behold another sun filled outside day.. Last night my partner and I moved the Outsider Vending Machines to their new location the studio..I have to pinch myself at moments to know that this is real(happy dance).

Above is a pic of three laptops there was one more laptop but that was being used elsewhere in the house. It was all technology on deck when our friends were here, but the neat thing that came out of it was the networking we did among ourselves face to face and through the computers sharing resources,computer skills& upgrades it rocked and naturally my head came away with loads of new ideas.

I am grateful now that my laptop and house is all wireless and i can be on the go (Thank -You Kathy &Hans)

Computers are only a part of the networking process being body present is very important also. Artists find the balance between the two and for me having a studio outside of home allows access in diverse ways to the outside world.

Well People i am going out into the day!!!

May the creative force be with you......

In Artistic Solidarity;

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