Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fall Back

Hello Artful Ones!
Here we are in September already holy creative where does the time go. I am feeling the surge of creativity flow through me and its like an old familiar friend giving me a warm hug. All i can say is Awomyn to having my creative mojo back!

Which brings me to the pics above, Outsider behind the scenes is alot of hands on work before the art work is put into the art vending machines. working with a shoe string budget has its challenges and so above are the boxes which are cut out and put together each box takes approx 3-5 minutes per box and its very time consuming and its something that i truly procrastinate on. so i am taking baby steps daily to build up my box inventory. so send me warm vibrations to get at it. As the title says i am now ready to fall back into Outsider and get reacquainted with this public art project.

Happy Fall Back Day

In Artistic Solidarity;

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K.G. said...

Can you challenge yourself to making three boxes daily? Over time, you'd build a collection. Would be hard to be overwhelmed with the obligation only to cut & fold three.

Just my totally unsolicited two cents worth!

So glad to hear your creative MoJo has returned. If you find a spare muse rambling throughout your apartment, would you please tell her to come back home?

Creative Wishes,