Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Birth Announcement:

Name: Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machines

Date of Installation: May 31,2006

Time: 11:00 am

Weight: 28 lbs

Parent: Rhonda Simmons

the labor was long and intense but artist mom and project are doing well

Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machines welcomes visitors at Ruby Dogs Art House 4738 Main St. (between 30th and 32nd, on the East side) Vancouver BC

Tuesday to Sunday: 11 - 6


I have so much more to say lol lol but i am really tired and will tune in tomorrow..


1.Leanne owner/operator of Ruby Dog's Art House

2.Funky reading room at Ruby Dog's Art House

3.Inside the store at Ruby Dog's

4.Greg installing first machine( Thank-you Greg)

5.My partners cousin hanging out and giving a whole lot of help

6.Ta Da Outsider Art In A Box hangs!!!!

7.Before pic of Vending Machine

In Artistic Solidarity;

1 comment:

nicci said...

I have already rcvd a positive response.
CIA tried out the machine and got her handson one of my Goddess bracelet / arm bands.
She loves it!
I am so happy.
Thank you for creating this little goody bag galleries Rhonda!

keep smiling & creating,