Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ease On Down The Home Show Road

Hi All;

My humble apologies for not posting more often,i have been preparing for the home show.Thanx so much for all the support and great art.. And for the extra hands the next days talking about Outsider at the home/lifestyle show.

The machines were installed was overwhelming as it was big time install for many 300 exhibitors to be exact..two years ago i went to the home show and must say i was rather bored with all the roofing etc...they have changed the focus and now call it a home/lifestyle show and its a whole lot different that i could tell with some of the beginning set ups yesterday.... I will be there for the next four days and will take many pics of kewl exhibits,there are several artists in attendance this year which is a bonus and a chance for networking...

Please don't forget to enter the draw for Outsider Art In A Box Subscription we got some kewl prizes please read the last two posts to stay up to date.

well still have lots of little things to do,Murphys Law is visiting me today so gotta go deal with it....

If your at BC Place October 12-15 stop in and say hi!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;


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