Friday, October 20, 2006

A Big ARTitude

Merry Meet Creatives!!!
I am slowly coming back to the land of the living after last weekend at the home show plus the lovely flu decided to pay me a visit UGH!

This week has been about rest and relaxation and getting things in order here at Outsider Central...The post today A Big ARTitude is about this great mixed media zine that i wrote an article for about Outsider Art In A Box,i pick it up when i am at Ruby Dog's Art House on Main St.

I like that its quirky and certainly some unusal approaches to creative making and the name is very fitting. Suz the editor,publisher,owner/operator is also an artist. So i give a big time shout out for ARTitude!!!

Please check out the website and take the time to cruise around while there. Better yet put ARTitude on your gift list,in my humble opinion its worth it..

If your interested in reading the article let me know i'll send it on,copy and pasting doesn't seem to be working here for the old blogger,plus i am still fairly new at learning all the ins and outs.

Mary Jane i wanted to say to you and to the other artists Thank you so much for your creativity,all your pieces in the machines at the home show were well received..Lets put our hands together!! YAHOO!!

Jill organizer from home show took a pic of my set up above..

Don't ya just love the above pic Waste your life be an artist....why not dive right in and be you....

Hey Do u want to win some prizes...

3 month Subscription to Outsider Art In A Box(By Snail Mail)

Inspiration Kit


Want More Information check out October 3rd Post....

Have a great weekend all

Bright Blessings;

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