Friday, October 13, 2006

Walking the Black Carpet....

Good Morning;
Just a quick type to share with you all day one at the home/lifestyle show...i called this post the black carpet,now i understand why..the red carpet shows way to much dirt lol lol

The show organizers did a great job on the wall for the vending machines i am very pleased, i not in the thick of everything which suits me fine as its busy there if u are there Outsider is near the main stage....

Some of the pics above are of Outsiders Space and yours truly..the little doggie tula a tea cup yorkie at this funky doggie boutique isn't she cute!!!! we own a yorkie boy.

The pics of the legs are a commission piece that i am using for my guest book,i was asked to use the pattern for a piece of clothing last night.

The two pics of the fancy box had a past life of a storage container its called the ATC (all terrian cabin)

The door reminds me of the movie Lord Of The Rings,couldn't resist...

Anyone that has been trying to get into my website its been down and my webwizard is working on it...Have an awesome day all..gotta run!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

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