Thursday, December 07, 2006

Giving the Gift of Art con't

Good Morning;
I thought i would try and get an earlier start posting this morning before my day takes off.

Above i have three artists that are also contributors to Outsider Art In A Box,in the small boxes you get a small sampling of the artists work and my hopes is you are curious enough to see more.

The Picture Pins are by Ann B,these and other great works of art can be purchased directly from Ann and its worth seeing her diversity of expression.
For those of you who may be interested in one of a kind beaded purses Ann is the artist to go see unfortunately i don't have a pic of her bags but i am here to tell ya they are faboo!!!

annblackwell@shaw. ca

Claudia S is a relatively new artist that has wandered to Outsider Art In A Box and is a very welcome addition. what i have seen of Claudias work makes me curious and exicted as to what is coming next..above are puppets that Claudia makes pretty cute eh.Claudia and her daughter have been featured here in previous posts. Great Gifts anytime of the year!!!!

Kathy B is a big supporter of Outsider Art In A Box and a very first contributor and continues to be a big fan......Thanx Kathy!!!! Ilove the coffee condoms and proudly i carry one with me everywhere i go,they are a great enviromental gift and they are truly funky!!! The coffee condoms can be purchased directly from Kathy. so go on try a coffee condom!!!

Art On!!!

In Artsitic Solidarity;

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