Friday, December 08, 2006

Fa La La La....Gifts Of Creative Xpression

Yo Yo Yo!
Its beginning to look alot like the snow is gone............. Awomyn!
Life continues to move right along here at Outsider Headquarters, Did u know that Outsider Art In A Box is 6 months old,sometimes i wonder where the time has gone. I have been taking lots of mini breaks from the project as its been quite involved to get it on its feet... Behind the scenes which many of u never see there are lots of details one of the things that i have been slack on is finding spaces for the machines this will change in the New Year as i have been approached for new spaces to showcase the machines and i also will be having some helping in getting them out there.

Also Balancing doing my own art work has been interesting but i feel that its a priority in order to keep things moving forward. I make many gifts,cards throughout the year,however the last several months i have been on a roll creatively and take advantage of the flow. The first four pics above are some of my creative expression and yep that is a pic of the elusive me who is not into posting my pic normally. The oversized playing card is a collage and the envelope that goes with it will be enroute to Armstrong,BC

"I Am" is a mixed media lightbox piece.

"Uppity Womyn" mixed media on collage

The last two pieces are gifts from an Outsider Art In A Box Contributor,she does beaded keychains to put into the outsider boxes.During Holidays etc centerpieces and swags like above are created by this artist.

Well time to sign off as its a very full weekend!!!

Happy Arting.....

In Artistic Solidarity;

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