Tuesday, December 19, 2006

To Be Or Not to Be The Grinch.............

Hey Hey Hey!
Its another day here at Outsider Central...Time is ticking and just checking are u done all the many shoulds,coulds on your lists.

Above the first pic is of the Grinch i just loveeeeeeeeeeee him and would love to pinch his cheeks and give him big hugs!! I saw this lovely green beauty at Stanley park and couldn't resist getting a pic. Its a mixed bag out there when ones goes out into the holiday fray,the grinch attitude pops up, well i chose not to sign on for the grumpy outlook. The Grinch is a reminder of whats it gonna be are ya miserable or do u have a gratitude attitude!!! I chose the gratitude as it takes less energy.

So ya never know when the Grinch is going to show itself...To Be Or Not To Be The Grinch That Is The Question!!!!!!!!!!!

The Gift Of Art Continues,stocking stuffers are abundant here at Outsider and above are just a few ideas,better yet get to a machine and put your four dollars in and receive a little boxed surprise and then tuck it into a stocking or how bout an office gift,hostess gift the ideas are endless.

Have u pondered the idea of giving a Outsider Art In A Box Subscription By Snail Mail...Look to your right and place an order or two talk it up.

Art On My People!

In Artistic Solidarity;

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