Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice

Longest Night of the Year

The winter solstice marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. The sun appears at its lowest point in the sky, and its noontime elevation appears to be the same for several days before and after the solstice. Hence the origin of the word solstice, which comes from Latin solstitium, from sol, “sun” and -stitium, “a stoppage.” Following the winter solstice, the days begin to grow longer and the nights shorter.

The above pic is a card i created for Solstice.......Rhonda

Happy Winter Solstice!!!!

This is my Day of celebration and this is where i am going to finish posting for this year.

Dear Readers;

Six months ago i had a dream and so began a new creative journey called Outsider Art In A Box Art Vending. The project has strong meaning for me what i wanted to facilitate was that art can and is accessible and affordable to all classes of people.

The past six months has been full of insight,determination,surprises and loads of learning.Like any project there are the hills and valleys of growing creativity.I am pleased from the postive outcome that Outsider has received. Already 2007 is full of lots more branches for Outsider.I honestly couldn't have done it without each and everyone of you. Thank-You so much!!!

As Carol Burnett says " I am so glad we've had this time together to have a laugh and sing a song seems we just got started and before you really know it,its time to say so long"

I will be checking my email throughout the next little while but i won't be posting until January 2/2007

k maybe an odd pic might show up..

I wish each and everyone Bright Blessings!!!

Happy Winter Solstice and Abundant Holidays

In Artistic Solidarity;


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Happy Winter Solstice!!!