Monday, January 29, 2007

Do What You Love....................

How Do;
I am back at Outsider Central refreshed from a brief trip away to Powell River and Gibsons the beautiful Sunshine Coast!!!
I know it does my psyche loves these get aways as it gives a fresh perspective.The pic on the right is from the ferry from Gibsons to Vancouver we were right in front and this pic was taken with the window rolled down.

Its been nine years since i was in Powell River and sure there have been small changes,time slows down when u leave the city and head to these smaller areas.

Kingfisher Used Books is the new residence for an Outsider Art Vending Machine,Peter & Sharon Deane owners and operators of this funky readers dream space are old friends that i hadn't seen in 20 yrs,Outsider bought us back together Sharon saw or should i say heard my interview on Breakfast TV summer 2006 and contacted me through the programme.

I remember Sharon and Peters passion and love affair then with books,their home was a walk in library and Sharon always dreamed of having a bookstore and i tell ya this is a strong indication to follow your bliss people!!!

I was in love in this bookstore as i have a love of books myself and
here i was surrounded well needless to say this was my hang place while in Powell River and wanting to catch up on 20 years of our lives.The Art Vending Machines fits well into this eclectic space.

The above three pics are the new install and home of another Art Vending Machine.The above pic is an old pal of my partners, Sandy pictured with the art vending machine is a long time resident of Powell River. Above pic is Peter checking out the machine after install.
and below is a pic of my
old buddies as u can see we are all overjoyed at having our pic taken...NOT.

Also got a chance to step out in Powell River, Sharon took me out for lunch at this funky restaurant called Local Locos it amazes me to see the wide range of creative expression that shows itself in diverse ways this is a prime example. Below are two of the kewl works of art hanging about in Local Locos

Before Xmas i seriously was going to pack Outsider in as i wasn't sure if it was
going anywhere hence my downtime allowed me to evaluate this project and most certainly there have been lots of signs to allow me to go forward..Already Reese is a blessing and a young perspective.Thanx to Kathy Braun, Krystin Goodsell, Ann Blackwell,Leanne Bishop,Claudia Segovia ,Cindy Erksine,Heather and my partner Bev for their support.I thank also those that i forgot to name here....... Thank-You

Well i have rattled on quite enough.

Good Day To One And All

In Artistic Solidarity;

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