Monday, May 08, 2006

Are We There Yet????

Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machines continues to evolve, the details at times feel huge and so many of them i never thought when i took this on that details could be so many....

Art work is beginning to trickle in,Yes the more diversity in creative perspective the more choices that curious buyers will have. I hope to have more pics to show off in the week or so please stay tuned!!!!

The first Art Vending Machine will be at Ruby Dog's Art House all i can say is go and check out this store,its too funky and full of lots of eye candy...RubyDog's Art House
4738 Main St. (between 30th and 32nd, on the East side) is your Vancouver source for found, vintage, recycled and just generally amazing art materials.
We're obsessed with collage and altered art, especially altered books and it shows in our stock. (Although we do have a soft spot in our hearts for rubber stamping.)
We carry such diverse items as optometrist lenses, rubber stamps, collage packages, slide mounts, old postcards, vintage ledger pages, , acrylic paints, turn-of-the-century labels and much, much more.
We also host a myriad assortment of workshops, many of them unique in Vancouver.

Outsider Art In A Box vending machines will be at EARTH, The World Urban Festival
June 21-25, 2006 Great Northern Way Campus, Vancouver

The culmination of five years of Canadian and International activities by Judith Marcuse Projects and International partners, EARTH will expose Canadians to the startlingly different lives of young people around the world and build awareness about the need for a more sustainable, civil society. EARTH: The World Urban Festival is scheduled to coincide with, and officially endorsed by The World Urban Forum. The Festival will take place at the Great Northern Way Campus in Vancouver and host artists and activists from Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and South America, Australia, the US and Canada.

Through performances, exhibitions and workshops audiences will have a unique opportunity to see the world through the eyes and voices of people from around the globe. Elements will include hands-on activities, late night events, street theatre, dialogues, food, an NGO marketplace, and a wide variety of performances and exhibitions. Youth from BC will have a unique opportunity to interact with peers from diverse world communities in an atmosphere of celebration and creativity. We anticipate attendance at about 20,000.

Outsider Art In A Box has a new phone number....604-439-2449 ext 3



Be A Creative Day!!!!!

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