Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Moving Right Along!!!

Well here it is May already... I am moving along here with the vending project..changes are inevitable when doing any type of public art and i have had my share of changes, still more to come.

Outsider Art in A Box is self funded,i have not received any outside funding,i am embracing this project as a labor of love. All monies that comes into Outsider Art In A Box from submission fees,boxes etc all cycle back into the project. Speaking Of Submission Fees,the fees are now on a sliding scale as i feel that this project should be inclusive NOTE:$15-$25 more if u can less if u can't(if this is still a problem talk to me)..... Box,foamcore prices will go lower will update soon.

There are many details in bringing this project into being and i am down to the wire... Yes i am still looking for your creative work..... The pic above is a before pic of the type of vending machine i will be

I will be hosting Info sessions for those interested in Outsider Art In A Box as an artist or as a curious seeker. These Info sessions will take place in Vancouver, BC.... Stay tuned!!!

All the information for Outsider Art In A Box is at www.alteredanything.com (click on outsider art)

The forms,guidelines,box sizes are at the end of info of Outsider Art, to bypass all that info just go to forms on my front website page.

Outsider Art In A Box is an ongoing project.......................

In Artistic Solidarity;

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krystin said...

Dear Rhonda,

I have been trying to reach you. Your answering machine says to call you on your cell, but I do not have the number.

Please e-mail me at krysting@hotmail.com

Thanks so much!

Creative Wishes,

Krystin Goodsell