Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Walk About On Main St& Boxes Have Arrived!!!

Yesterday was an awesome day..... I spent part of the day hanging out on Main St..The Sun was shining and all was

well,everytime i go to main street there is always something different to see and experience.. I gotta tell ya this area has lots of vibes and is an up and coming area!!

On my walkabout i had an appointment with Jackie at The Petri Dish (bottom pic)to discuss hosting a machine... Well in i walked into a very funky,hip little shoppe/gallery..The essence in the store made up for the size of the store.. And Jackie the creator/owner behind and in front of The Petri Dish is charming,insightful,creative and very embracing,i felt welcome to sit down and chat..

I gotta tell ya the creativty that i see out there was in its glory at The Petri Dish,i wanted to buy,buy the diversity in the use of different materials and the outcome of the creative peices sparked my own creative juices..

All i can say is go and check it out you won't be disappointed!!!
The Petri Dish 2406 Main St

I also got a chance to pop into Johns Jukes out of plain curiosity i wanted to see inside this place,it bought back fond memories of playing pinball machines and getting down to tunes on the juke box..never u mind how old i am

For the mechanically inclined there are all sorts of things to work with John Jukes Ltd...2343 Main St.

I also wandered into a real neat vintage consignment clothing store,the owner was a very neat womin, and i gotta tell ya the clothes were kewl i know this is a place i will go back to.unfortunately i forgot the name of this store i want to say go check it out stay tuned i will return tomorrow with the name.

And for those of you that want to spice up the love life check out the The Kiss Store,its very cute and packs a wicked punch...2512 Watson St at main and broadway.

And to top my day off my art boxes arrived yahoo!!!! these little white boxes are crying to be embellished on the outside as well as be filled with wonderful creative by all means think of the box as an extension of whats inside....

Well the countdown is on...I continue to be on the lookout and seek art work for this project don't be shy give it a try!!!

Have a Creative Day....

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